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How to Get Old Bleach Spot Stains Out of Carpets in Ulmar, CA; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Carpets require dedicated care. For the best care when it comes to carpet, the homeowner should vacuum weekly, schedule professional carpet cleaning regularly and attend to spills and stains as soon as they occur. Many homeowners work hard to keep their carpets clean and spotless. When bleach spots occur on the carpet, it can be devastating. For many the only solution is to replace their carpets or attempt some crazy DIY repair scheme. Carpet Care 2000 will share where bleach spots come from and how to properly repair the carpet.

Mysterious Bleach Spot Stains on Carpet>

Most bleach spots that occur on carpet are often easily explained as many of them occur from spills or improper use of cleaners. Cleaning solutions that are pure bleach or contain bleach or chlorine will most definitely strip out the color of the carpets. As most bleach spots are due to accidental spills or misuse, these bleach spots are easily explained. However, sometimes bleach spots have no known origin. There are some hygiene products such as foot and body creams, or acne topical medication, that contain peroxides and other chemicals that act like bleach when combined together. Sometimes bleach spots can come from these acne medications, skin and foot creams without the homeowner even realizing they are damaging their carpets. When carpet develops bleach spots they do simply look terrible. However, a professional service can help restore bleach spots on your carpets.

How to Fix Bleach Spot Stains

Bleach spots are not a true stain. Instead they are the absence of color or pigment in the carpet. As wool based carpets are dyed after manufacturing, they are more prone to color loss especially through bleach or other similar chemicals. However repairing bleach spots is simple enough for a professional bleach repair service. When repairing bleach spots a carpet specialist comes and will first inspect the stain and the current color of the carpet. After determining the carpet’s color the carpet specialist then makes sure they have the matched dye to properly repair the carpet. Once the dye mixture is prepared then the carpet specialist will clean the bleach spot and surrounding area to ensure there is no remaining substance that can interfere with the dyes. Next, the dye is applied over the bleach spot often using a dropper or small handle held sprayer similar to an air brush. In most cases the dye is applied in small amounts at a time to prevent uneven dyeing. Repairing bleach spots does not take much time to do and can help save on carpet replacements.

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For those who have dedicated a lot of time and care to their home’s carpets, don’t give up on them simply because of a few bleach spots. Some professional carpet care services like Carpet Care 2000 provide bleach spot repair as well as carpet cleaning. By seeking bleach repair services, you can prevent unneeded carpet replacements. When you need your carpet cleaned and bleach spots repaired or more, contact Carpet Care 2000. If you need quality carpet cleaning and repair services, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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