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How to Get Red Kool Aid Out of Carpet in Livermore CA; Stain Removal & Cleaning Tips

Carpets can really add to a room. With bright, fresh and clean carpets; it offers elegance, comfort and charm to your home. When they are dingy, drab or riddled with stains, it can make any room look sloppy, filthy and distasteful. Keeping carpets at their best is hard to do, especially with little ones in the house. When we notice the blemishes on our carpets, it brings a feeling of dread, wondering whether the stain can be lifted successfully from the carpeted fibers. But when those bright reds, oranges, purples and blues pop out from a Kool-aid spill, panic sets in. Some carpet cleaners can lighten the stain, but none seems to be up to the task.

Hire Carpet Care 2000 to get that carpet stain out efficiently! Before we get there, immediate action is required. Follow these tips to treat the stain before it sinks in.

Before we begin, always conduct a patch test, whether it be homemade remedies, or store bought cleaners, test the solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t compromise the integrity or color of your carpet.
1. Blot the liquid from the carpet as soon as possible with a clean, white towel or cloth. Extinct screams at you to rub and scrub but do NOT do this. You could push the stain deeper in to the carpet, or spread it out wider. Sop up the Kool-aid working your way from the exterior of the spill in. Apply pressure firmly to blot up as much liquid as you can.
2. Rinse the carpet stain. We want to dilute the dyed liquid by sponging on clean, warm water. Do not soak the carpet. If needed, blot with a clean, white cloth, and rinse a little more.
3. Once you are satisfied you can no longer rinse and blot the liquid, prepare your carpet spot cleaning solution. In a clean bucket, mix equal parts ammonia and water, and stir together well with a wooden spoon. If you do not keep ammonia around, use a window cleaner, but only if it clear. (Blue window cleaners can set in a blue tone to your carpet.)
4. Do not over soak the stained area, but cautiously pour the solution onto the carpet stain. Add little bit at a time to avoid over doing it. Once the area is moistened with the solution, place a white towel on top. Obviously, do not use your good towels on this, as your towel will carry the stain once the treatment is over. With your iron set to the hottest setting safe for cotton fabric, using steam can also help it along, place the iron over the dry towel for approximately 10 seconds, or you hear a sizzling sound. Move the iron around the towel, and absorb the Kool-aid, repeating the ironing step until the stain is lifted.
5. After stain has been successfully removed, allow the area to dry before allowing regular traffic flow. This method can be tricky, and only recommended if professional treatment cannot be attained.

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