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How to Get Rid of Old Red Juice, Wine & Coffee Carpet Stains in Danville CA; Carpet Stain Removal Tips

What Are The Worst Stains on Your Carpet & How Can You Remove Them

If you are like most homes in America, you know that your carpets get a lot of stains and wear. Even if you are careful and try your best to keep spills away from your carpets you will still have an occasional problem. The problem is that those mishaps can be one of the ones that are the hardest to remove and treat. The best way to get stains removed from your carpets is to make sure that they are treated as soon as possible. You also can make sure that your carpet is in good condition and treated well. That means that you should have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis to make sure that they are as healthy as possible. This will make it easier to remove stains as they happen and leave the carpet looking and smelling much better.

Carpet Care 2000 lists some of the hardest to remove stains & what you can do to treat them.

Removing Red Juice or Wine Stains from Carpet: This is one of the most common stains and one of the very hardest to treat. Red coloring is hard to remove from your carpet fibers, whether you have dark or light colors. The red coloring will soak into the carpet fibers and stain them leaving a mess in their wake. The longer the spill is allowed to sit the harder it will be to remove and treat. Move quickly to dab away any excess liquid that you can as soon as you see the spill. Work from the outside in to ensure that you do not spread the stain any further. You can mix together two cups of water with two cups of vinegar and mix it in a spray bottle. You can spray the area with this mixture and let it soak before you dab away the excess and remove the stain.
How To Remove Coffee Spill Stains from Carpet: You sit down to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and the cup tips off the table and onto the carpet. This is another stain that can be difficult to treat. The acidity in the coffee will start to damage the carpet fibers. You can use a mixture of two cups warm water, two cups vinegar and two tablespoons to remove the stain. This will help to pull the spill away from the carpet and make it easier to clean up with a dry rag.

Carpet Care 2000 offers full service stain removal and carpet cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California.

If you find a stain that is too difficult to remove at home you can call a professional carpet cleaning company to come out and treat the stains as well as clean the rest of the carpet.

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