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How to Keep High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean, Fluffy, Smelling Fresh & Looking New in Ulmar, CA

It seems like there are tips, tricks and hacks for just about everything. You can find the best way to decorate for a party on a budget, play a new musical instrument or make a dish your family will love. The internet has changed the way that you can do research and find innovative ways to try something new. Although these are all good things to know is out there you want to look for ones that will actually help you and your family. The house is a place that you want to keep clean and comfortable for the family and the floors can be a problem. The carpets should be looking, feeling and smelling their best. That is why using some of the tips and tricks that are known to work can help. Carpet Care 2000 offers tips and tricks to keep your carpets clean.

Proper Carpet Vacuum

We all know that your carpets are a magnet for the dirt and dust that is brought in the house. It can be what is floating in the air or it can be what you bring in on your shoes and clothes. The dirt will have an impact on the carpet because it acts as an abrasive and will start to fray the carpet. That is why the tip is to make sure that you use the vacuum on the carpet on a regular basis. The vacuum is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt that is being left on the carpets. The problem with the tip is that you need to make sure that you have the right vacuum. You need to have one that is in good working condition as well as kept clean and filters washed. You also don’t want to skimp on the vacuum that you buy and be sure that you get one that is top of the line.

Neutralize Carpet Odors

A tip that you also should use is one that will help you to reduce any odors that might be lingering on the carpets. The carpet is also like a sponge and when there is smelly gym bag left on it overnight the odor can start to linger. This also happens with food, spills and even everyday use. You want to make sure that you reduce the odor by using baking soda. The baking soda can be sprinkled over the carpeted area and left to sit overnight or at least a few hours. Then you want to follow up with running the vacuum. The vacuum will pull up the baking soda and the baking soda will have soaked up the odors. This will help to keep your house smelling its best.

Control Sunlight on Carpet

You may not realize it but the sunlight that most people crave to be in the house can be causing damage. The sunlight is great to bring in some light and vibrancy to any home but if you are allowing the sunlight to blast on the carpet it can cause it to start to fade. Once the carpet is staring to fade it cannot be reversed. You will need to potentially be replaced. It is better to make sure that your blinds are only open when the sun is not landing on your carpet.

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