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How to Make a High Pile Shaggy Area Rug Fluffy Again in Manteca, CA; Vacuum, Shake, Steam Clean & More

There are lots of people that choose to have area rugs in their home. This is a great way to bring in some décor as well as comfort in the house. When you are choosing to have carpet in the house you want to pick a color and a style that will fit well with a wide array of options. This choice is one that you want to be happy with so that you do not have to change it out prematurely. If you choose a more plain look for your carpet you can bring in some fun with area rugs. One of the styles of rugs that tend to become more and more popular is a shag style rug. They are a great addition to any space but you want to make sure you have a plan to take care of the rug as well. Carpet Care 2000 offers helpful tips to care for shag rugs.

What Makes a Shag Rug?

There are lots of types of rugs that you can choose to have in your home but a shag rug has become a bigger option. The shag is what you call the pile that makes up the top of the rug. The fibers can be any type but the amount of fiber and the thickness is really what will make up the term shag. They are often a longer fiber and are more soft and comfortable and that makes them shaggy. The rugs are a great option to place over your existing carpeting and you can place over the hard floors that you have in your home.

Vacuum to Pick Up Dirt & Dust

One of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you use the right tools to remove dirt and debris. The dirt and debris that you have on your flooring will also be in your rugs as well. The rugs that are shaggy tend to collect more dirt and hold it in. The more dirt there is the more compacted the fibers will become. You want to make sure that you use your vacuum on the shag rugs. This will not only remove the dirt that is left on the rugs but it also tends to fluff the fibers back up so that they are soft and full again. Be sure that you have a good working vacuum that will not cause damage to your rugs.

Shake Shag Rug

The other method that you want to use when you have shag rug is one that has been used for all of time. The rugs are taken out of your home and hung on their side. Then you can take a tool that helps to shake the rug from the back. This will help to remove the pressed in dirt and dust. The smacking will also agitate the fibers and bring them back up to a fuller pile.

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