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How to Prevent Carpet Damage in Carbona, CA; Potty Train Pets to Avoid Accident & More

Carpet does a lot to make your home more comfortable. It also adds to the way it looks and feels. You can make a statement with the color and texture you choose. But when carpets get damaged, it can very quickly affect the design of a room or your home.

12 Ways to Protect Carpet from Damage

1. Keep food in the kitchen. The best way to keep your carpets safe is to keep food in the kitchen. This will prevent spills on your carpet and is very important if you have children in your home. Children are just more likely to have food and drink accidents on the carpets.
2. Potty train pets to avoid accidents on carpet. Pets pose potential risk to your carpets. They have potty accidents, they scratch, they and they chew. This can all damage your carpet. Train your pets, and if you’re not totally confident with your pets on carpet, keep them off carpeted areas.
3. Use entry mats and doormats. Doormats placed at entrances to the home are a great way to cut back on the dirt that gets tracked onto carpet. Doormats are a subtle way to encourage people to wipe their shoes before they come into your home.
4. Remove shoes when walking on carpet. A further step to keep tracked dirt, mud and other debris off carpet is to take shoes off at the door. Making your home a no shoe zone shoes means cleaner and better protected carpet.
5. Use area rugs in high traffic areas. High-traffic areas can are better protected with the use of area rugs. Choose area rugs that are durable and affordable, so they can be replaced. Area rugs are also easier to clean than carpets.
6. Use coasters to prevent furniture indentations on carpet. Heavy furniture can damage your carpet, so a good solution is to use coasters, Coasters will prevent carpet fibers from getting smashed and damaged.
7. Don’t drag heavy items across carpet. Carpets can get ripped or torn when heavy objects are dragged across them. Use tarps when moving heavy furniture or get help to lift the furniture rather than drag it.
8. Install curtains or blinds to protect carpet from sun damage. Window coverings will protect your carpets from sun damage because extended periods of direct sunlight can cause carpets to fade and look dull.
9. Use protective coatings such as scotchguard carpet protector. There are products formulated to help you carpet withstand dirt and stains. Your carpet will look better for longer, but it will need to be reapplied.
10. Change filters. The filters in your HVAC system are there to keep dust, dirt, pollen and debris out of your home. Dirty filters will not be able to keep the air clean and the debris will end up on your carpet.
11. Cover carpet when painting. Even though you think you’ll be careful, it’s easy for paint spills to occur. Use drop clothes to protect your carpet and make sure the paint is totally dry before removing them.
12. Professional carpet cleaning. Accidents happen and despite your best cleaning efforts there might be a stain left behind. To get stains removed completely, call the professionals so you won’t damage your carpet.

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