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How to Prevent & Remove Dirt & Water Carpet Stains Caused by Potted House Plants in San Ramon, CA

Potted plants add an earthy beauty to any home, and that’s why so many people choose to have them in their house. There are several potted plants that are even said to help improve the air quality in your home. One thing homeowners may not think about before putting their potted plant in their home, is the fact that it can damage your carpet if you aren’t careful. Carpet Care 2000 tells you how to prevent and remove carpet stains caused by potted plants.

How to Prevent Carpet Stains Caused by Potted House Plants

When you have potted plants sitting on your carpet, there is a good chance that some moisture has leaked out of them at some point. Here are some tips to keep your plant from causing stains to your carpet:
Place a Large Drainage Saucer Underneath the Plant– The pots that your plant is planted in most likely allows excess moisture drain out the bottom. While many of these pots come with a saucer they sit in, they aren’t usually very big and don’t hold a lot of water. It is best to place your potted plant in a saucer that will not allow moisture to leak out of it when you water your plant too much.
Don’t Overfill Your Potted Plant to Prevent Spilling on Carpet– When you are planting, don’t over-fill the pot with soil. If you have it completely full of soil, the chance of water spilling over is greater than if you would have left about an inch of the pot unfilled.
Pick the Right Plant Stand– Rather than using a plant stand that is slender and narrow, choose one that is bulkier and sturdy. When you have a slender stand, you run a greater risk of it tipping over, leaving a mess behind.
Use a Sturdy Plant Pot– When picking out the pot, choose one that is made out of plastic rather than ceramic or clay. This way, if it does tip over or fall off the stand it won’t break and leave a pile of soil on your floor. It is also best to choose a plant pot that is shallow and wide to avoid it tipping as easily.
Choose a Different Air Plant– If you don’t want the mess, but still want the greenery, choose a house plant that doesn’t require soil. These plants are known as air plants and can be grown in water or gravel without the use of soil.

How to Get Out a Carpet Stain Caused by Potted Plants

If you move your potted plant only to find that you have a stain, here is how you remove it.
• Clean up soil spills right after they happen, without waiting until later.
• Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and saturate the stain.
• Soak up access solution and repeat as long as you can see it is working.

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If after you follow these steps and you still have a stubborn stain left behind, Carpet Care 2000 can help. Our trained technicians have the right equipment to get any damage caused by potted plants removed from your carpet. Call us today!

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