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How to Protect Carpet & Hard Tile Flooring in High Traffic Areas When Moving Furniture in San Ramon, CA

When you are getting ready to move, the last thing you want to do is add another thing to your list of things to do. You are sure to have your hands full crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s that come with move in day. One more consideration you may want to make is the flooring. Whether you are moving in or out, the flooring of your old and new place will take a beating. Carpet Care 2000 share some tips to help protect your flooring during your upcoming move.

Tips to Keep Your Floors Protected When Moving Furniture

When you move, you most likely have to get carpets and flooring cleaned before the new tenants or buyers move in. Likewise, you expect the same to be done for you. When getting ready to move into a new place, the last thing you want are those floors to be tarnished by the hundreds of footsteps and numerous pieces of furniture getting moved into the house. Here are some ways to protect different kinds of flooring from the onslaught of moving.

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas When Moving

1. Rugs & Floor Runners– Placing rugs at all the entrances into your house is a great way to protect carpet. You want it to be wide enough that first four steps are taken on the rug. This will remove much of the dirt and debris that shoes accumulate from outside.
2. Carpet Film Protector– You can buy a thin plastic film that sticks to your carpet and is a great barrier between the movers and furniture that is coming in and out of your house.
3. Blankets & Towels– If at the last minute, you realize you forgot something to protect your floor, blankets and towels will work. You should consider something to be placed underneath the furniture if it is going to be dragged at all to prevent carpet snagging.
4. Cardboard– You are sure to have multitudes of cardboard from packing your belongings; this is a great way to utilize any extra that you may have. It is great at protecting your carpet.
5. Shoe Booties- You can provide your movers with shoe booties to keep the dirt and debris from their shoes from rubbing off onto your newly cleaned carpet.

Tips & Tricks to Protect Tile & Grout Floors When Moving

1. Paper– You can purchase paper in rolls that can be taped down to protect your tile floors. This will keep them from getting scratched or chipped.
2. Drop Cloths– You can use painters drop cloths on your flooring as a protectant. That way, if they get dirty, it’s okay.
3. Plywood– If you are moving heavy appliances or furniture such as pianos, laying plywood on the floor will offer more protection than paper or cardboard.
4. Felt Protectors– Putting felt pads on the legs or chairs and tables will keep them from scratching your tile flooring as they get moved around.

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When moving, you don’t want your carpet or tile to be an afterthought. If you have recently moved and forgot this small, but big detail, Carpet Care 2000 can help you get your carpets clean again. Call today for an appointment!

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