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How to Protect Your Carpets this Holiday Season in Manteca, CA; Use Walk Off Mats & More

The weather has started to change from the hot summer day to the nicer cool temperatures of fall. The change is welcomed for most and it also means that people will start to spend more time indoors. When that starts happening the floors in your home will get dirty faster! The reasons are several including the fact that the weather also brings rain and mud! That is then brought into your home and onto your carpets. The other problem that occurs in the fall and winter months happens to be the holiday parties that are set in motion. The parties are usually in the house because the weather is cold enough to stay inside. With more people inside the spills are going to happen on your tile and even your carpet floors. It is important to know what you can do to keep your floors safe from the fall time living.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Tips to Protecting Your Carpets From Fall Season Activities

Keep Carpeted Areas Off Limits: When you are ready to have a party at your home this fall make some arrangements. You want to be sure that when you host the party you set up areas that people can hang out to eat and snack. This should be areas off the carpet or on carpeted areas that are covered. This will help to prevent people from spilling on the carpet in areas and hopefully keep the spills on the tile. That is easier to clean up if you get to it quickly. Use furniture and signs so that people know where they can eat. You can also use heaters so that the outdoor space is more accessible.
Have Carpets Cleaned Prior to Holiday Party: If you know that you are going to have a get together you should actually have your carpets cleaned prior to the party. If your carpets are clean they are actually easier to deal with if there is a spill. The carpet will be free from the dirt and dust that happen to make spills worse. The stains that may have already been on the carpets will be treated and the newer ones are more treatable when you get to them quickly.
Use Walk Off Mats: One part of the new season is the amount of traffic that you most likely have coming in and out of your house. That means more dirt on the shoes of those same people. They have most likely have mud from rain and snow and that will end up on your carpets. It can be difficult to clean the mud and dirt off your carpets and that is why you should utilize a rug. Set a good, sturdy and rough rug outside the house so that people can wipe off their shoes prior to coming inside your house. The rug will have knock off the dirt and that will stop it from getting on the carpets.

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No matter how much you prepare and protect your carpet from spills, they are still likely to happen! Carpet Care 2000 offers professional carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking, smelling and feeling like new. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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