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How to Protect Your Floors when Moving in Lathrop, CA; Floor Mats, Carpet Film Shield & More

Trying to protect your carpet from the large amount of foot traffic that comes with the moving process can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several different resources that you can use to keep your carpet from getting destroyed during your move. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some of those resources with you.

Indoor Entrance & Floor Mats

The front door will receive more foot traffic than anywhere else in your house. Get an over-sized floor mat for the entry way that will give the movers a large area to get the debris off the bottom of their shoes. Consider putting another one on the outside of the door if you are experiencing inclement weather.

Self-Adhesive Carpet Film Shield

One of the best ways to protect your carpet is with carpet film. This very thin layer of plastic that comes with a self-adhesive backing will keep your carpet in like new condition. It is a tear-free plastic even though it is thin. This will also help to provide a slip free surface for those that are moving your belongings. One tip to help you lay the film down is a paint roller. This will assist you in laying the film down smoothly so you don’t have any ripples in the surface.

Old Bed Sheets to Protect Carpet

If you don’t have the money to spend on carpet film, you could use old sheets and blankets to lay down on the high traffic areas of your house. These do sometimes move and bunch up though. While this isn’t the first choice in carpet protection, it is better than nothing. Just make sure someone is keeping an eye on them to avoid bunching and a trip hazard.

Move Furniture in Carpet Without Dragging

It may be tempting to get the heavy furniture to your carpet and drag it the rest of the way. This will cause damage to your carpet though. You will find that some of the corners of heavy furniture will cause snagging and other problems. It is best to spend the money on furniture rollers or a dolly to help you get the heavy pieces in their rightful place. You can also purchase a piece of plywood to help you get heavy furniture moved as well, and it will help you avoid carpet damage.

Wear Disposable Shoe Booties on Carpet

A great way to keep your carpet protected from the shoes of the movers, is with shoe booties. Having some on hand to pass out to movers will keep years of dirt and grime from rubbing off onto your carpet. These come in a large, cheap amount so that you don’t feel guilty when you throw them away after the move is over.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you are in the middle of a move, it is a great time to have your carpet cleaned. This is especially true if any soiling happened during the moving process. Carpet Care 2000 has a team of carpet cleaning specialists with the training and equipment to get your carpets in perfect condition again. Call us today!

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