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How to Reduce Cat & Dog Pet Hair on Your Carpet & Sofa in Livermore, CA; Clean Bedding, Carpets & More

If you own a pet you are probably all too familiar with the reality of living with pet hair covering most of your belongings. While it can be said that most pets, especially dogs will go through the shedding process a couple of times a year, realistically speaking pets shed constantly. Your cat or dog playing with a tennis ball sized dust bunny may be cause for amusement but the reality is that letting your home fill with pet hair can pose some very serious health risks to susceptible family members including allergies, asthma and other breathing issues. The experts at Carpet Care 2000 recommend the following tips between their professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services to help keep your home fur free.

Brush Shedding & Moulting Dog Hair

Begin by pinpointing the source and brush your pet daily to remove lose hair before it has a chance to shed and settle within your home. Stop by your local pet store for recommendations on the type of brush best suited to your individual pet’s needs. For example, some dog breeds have an undercoat which may require a brush designed to penetrate both the topcoat and the inner layer of hair. Add a pair of grooming gloves to your supply to gently remove dog and cat hair. You and your pet will both enjoy the extra bonding time.

Clean Pet Bedding Often | Sweep & Mop Floors Daily

Along with daily vacuuming, you will also want to ensure that your pets bedding is washed at least once a week to keep fur from building up. To maximize your dryers efficiency make sure that you clean any lint build up from your dryer vent each time you use it especially after washing pet bedding. Sweep and vacuum your hard floor surfaces daily. Invest in a broom with soft rubber bristles that are specially designed for pet hair pick up. These specialty brooms can also be used on carpets and upholstery to trap pet hair. Tiled floors and linoleum should be mopped daily to help eliminate any potential for excess pet hair build up.

Dust Regularly & Use Pet Hair Removal Tools

Depending on the breed and size of your pet, it’s not uncommon to find dog hair on surfaces such as tables, book shelves, counters and other high surfaces. While dusting removes a lot of hair build up wiping down your counters with a damp cloth is the best way to eliminate the excess hair missed during dusting. There are a multitude of expensive gadgets designed to remove pet hair but sometimes the simplest of items found in most homes work the best. Lint brushes and duct tape are two useful items that you will want to keep handy. A simple pair of rubber household gloves can remove hair buildup from soft furnishings in a jiffy. If your dog likes to ride in the car with you, keep these items in the glove compartment to help keep your vehicles interior clean between vacuuming.

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