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How to Remove Old Bleach Spills & Stains from Carpet in Livermore, CA; Bleach Spot Stain Removal

Spilling bleach on your carpet can be very upsetting. Bleach stains can actually remove the color from your carpet. Bleach is not a “color“, rather bleach is a color-stripper or solvent that removes the tint by basically eating it away. Keeping this in mind, you cannot “remove bleach” the same way you cannot put nail polish remover onto your polish then expect the polish to re-appear. Any repair you try will be trial and error. Don’t use RIT dye as the color will not match and it is very hard to control.

How to Get Rid of Bleach Stains on Carpet

It is smart to always do a spot removal test on an area of carpet that is normally not visible before attempting stain removal.
Bleach Stain Removal Method #1– As soon as you notice the stain, you should immediately blot it with water and paper towel. Take care not to scrub or rub the bleach as this could worsen the stain and actually damage the carpet by literally ripping it out. The next step is to mix ¼ tsp of mild soap with 1 cup of warm water and pour the solution over the bleach stain and let it set for about 5 minutes. When the stain has dried, take a cloth or sponge and working from the outside in so you don’t spread the stain. The final step is to rinse with cold water and dry.
Bleach Spot Removal Method #2– Begin by mixing 4 cups or warm water with 2 Tbsp. of white vinegar and pour the solution over the affected area of the carpet. Let it soak for about five minutes and blot the stain with a cloth or sponge. The bleach stain should begin to gradually disappear. If the stain is still visible, repeat until you no longer see it. The final step is to rinse the area with cold water. The smell of vinegar will eventually disappear.
Bleach Stain Repair Method #3– Blot the area with water and paper towel as soon as you discover the bleach. Then you will find a crayon that closely matches the color of your carpet. The next step is to begin coloring the spot with the crayon making sure it is absorbed. Then take a wet paper towel and gently blend the color into the carpet.

Professional Bleach Stain Carpet Dyeing

The best option for repairing bleach stained carpet is to hire a professional that specializes in this service. Carpet Care 2000 can reintroduce color back onto the spot by matching the exact hue of your carpet. To put it simply; we dye the spot back to its original glory. Depending on the severity of the bleach dispersion, a simple spot dyeing may be all that’s necessary. In more serious bleach spills, an entire section carpet dyeing service may be called for in regards to your carpet.

Bleach Stain Removal & Carpet Repair in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you’ve had an unfortunate accident and spilled bleach on your carpet, call the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 to remove the stain or repair the area.

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