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How to Remove Soap Scum from Bathroom Shower & Other Tile & Grout in Manteca, CA

When it comes to keeping your home clean, many people have trouble keeping their tile and grout sanitary. Tile is widely used inside our homes today. You can easily find tile in bathrooms, the kitchen and on almost any other floor. Depending on where the tile is located it is often exposed to different types of filth. For example, tile in the kitchen gets cooking oils and grease stuck in the grout and on the tile. In bathrooms the tile is often corroded with soap scum or mildew and mold. Carpet Care 2000 would like to help you today in your battle against soap scum and share how you can keep your tile clean and free of soap scum.

How to Clean Years of Soap Scum

Soapy residue will occur over time which is often referred to as soap scum. Soap scum can be difficult to remove once it takes hold of your tile and gets stuck in the grout. Depending on the tile texture, both the tile and grout make for a perfect net to hold on to the soap residue and other hygiene products where they build up on the side of the shower or in other areas of the bathroom. There are many promising soap scum removers out on the market, some of which use harsh chemicals to dissolve and weaken the soap scum. This makes it easier to scrub away. However, you can have the same amount of success with homemade cleaners that don’t use harsh or abrasive chemicals. For those who like more natural cleaners, one mixture you can make is a vinegar and liquid dish soap base cleaner.

Homwmade Shower Soap Scum Cleaner

To remove the soap scum on your tile and in the grout start by warming 1 cup of white wine vinegar in the microwave until it is hot. Pour the hot vinegar into a spray bottle and then mix it with 1 cup of liquid dish soap such as Dawn. Gently swirl to mix the two together. With your mixture in hand spray it on the tile and in the tub or on the sink where you need help fighting soap scum. After spraying the mixture on the soap scum let it sit for about 30 minutes. With a scrubbing pad scrub the soap scum away and then rinse. Don’t worry the vinegar smell will go away within a short period of time. To help quicken the process you can turn on the exhaust fan or open a window.

DIY VS Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many people will do their own house cleaning. However, there are times when they may find they need help. There are a number of professional tile and grout cleaning services that can come and clean the grout, and polish and clean the tile and even help seal the tile to make maintenance cleaning easier. Professional tile and grout cleaning services can clean your floors, siding and even counter tops. Anywhere where tile is used can be cleaned which helps renew and protect the tile.

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If you need help cleaning your home tile whether it be natural stone or synthetic tile, Carpet Care 2000 can provide quality tile and grout cleaning services. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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