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How to Remove Wet & Dry Acrylic, Water & Oil Based Paint from Carpet in Walnut Creek, CA

When you choose to take on a home renovation or craft project, often times paint is part of the project. The paint that you use will look great on your project but when it drips on your carpet it can be a travesty. There are many different types of paint that can be used and when it gets in the carpet you need to have the right technique if you want to remove it. If you don’t clean the spot correctly or even fast enough it can become permanent or even bigger. There are different cleaning options that are available depending on what type paint you have used. Carpet Care 2000 lists steps to clean paint off your carpet.

Removing Water Based Paint from Carpet

]Many people use water based paint when they have a room painted in their home. It is one of the options that is available and if you drip it on your carpet you need to clean it as soon as possible. All stains need to be cleaned quickly but paint is one of the most important to get to fast. When you clean stains most people use water or cleaner to saturate the area. The problem that you will run into when you try to clean water based paint is too much water can spread the paint out. That means you need to use a better technique when you clean water based paint to remove it. Start off by using a clean cloth and only a small amount of warm water. You can add a splash of vinegar to help neutralize the stain and lift it. You need to dab and apply pressure to get the stain out of the carpet.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Carpet

If you are doing a craft in your home it is most often acrylic paint. This is also paint that is used when kids do crafts. The problem is that it can stain the carpet and other fabrics as well. If the paint has dripped or splashed on the carpet you want to remove as much of the excess acrylic paint as possible. This will help to prevent the stain from spreading any further. You want to collect a clean cloth and glycerin so that you can clean the remaining paint. Apply the glycerin and then use the clean cloth to pull the paint off the carpet with dabbing. Most of the stain should be cleared after this but if there are still some color left you can then apply rubbing alcohol to finish the stain removal.

How to Take Oil Paint Out of Carpet

This is the type of paint that is the hardest to get out of any textile. If you use oil based paint it is also an option when painting your homes interior. When it spills on the carpet fast action is a must. When you stain your clothes with this type of paint you generally just throw them out. When you stain your carpet you have to clean it since you can’t just throw out the entire flooring. The best stain removal for this type of paint is turpentine and paper towels. You can soak the affected area with the turpentine and then work to clean it with a clean cloth.

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