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How to Restore High Traffic Patterns on Carpets in Ulmar, CA; Vacuuming, Pretreating & Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a great flooring with a lot of problems. Carpets can develop stains, get dirty and develop traffic patterns. Traffic patterns have a way of drawing attention to the carpet and its abuse. In areas of the home you can see the traveling paths of every household member. Traffic patterns result in flattened and often dirty paths carved into the carpet. For those who want to get a little bit more time out of their carpets and are looking for methods to remove high traffic patterns in the carpets, Carpet Care 2000 will share how to restore high traffic patterns in your home’s carpets.

Vacuum High Traffic Carpet Areas

When you have high traffic patterns in your carpets, to begin restoring the carpet you will need to start by vacuuming. Before you ever begin cleaning carpet and especially in high traffic areas, you will need to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. When there is too much dirt in the carpet when they are cleaned it simply makes the problem worse and can even flatten and damage the carpet. The first step to cleaning and restoring carpet is to vacuum. When vacuuming the carpet it is important to get as much dirt out as possible, which is done with proper vacuuming techniques. To properly vacuum carpets, you never vacuum in one direction such as forward and backward or up and down. You will want to vacuum in multiple directions going up, down, across in angles, and then change your direction completely. The more directions you vacuum, the more you move the carpet pile around removing more dirt. When cleaning the carpet or simply maintaining the carpet you should always use proper carpet vacuuming techniques.

Pretreat Heavily Soiled Areas of Carpet

After the carpet has been properly vacuumed, you will want to pretreat stains as well as the high traffic areas. If you are doing your own carpet cleaning, to restore high traffic patterns you can use a combination of white distilled vinegar with water into equal portions. Use a spray bottle to apply the diluted vinegar onto the stains and high traffic patterns. Allow the mixture to soak on the carpet for 30 minutes. After you pretreat the carpet, you will want to clean the entire carpeted areas with a commercial carpet cleaner. There are commercial products that are designed to help restore high traffic patterns in carpet. When doing your own carpet cleaning make sure to use the right cleaner to help what your carpet needs. In this case, you will want a product that restores high traffic patterns.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

With a carpet cleaning machine and the right product, you can begin cleaning the carpet. Just like vacuuming make sure to go in multiple directions at first to remove as much of the dirt and gunk out of the carpet. Afterward you can create cleaner lines in the carpet. One of the very important aspects to consider when cleaning your own carpet is to be diligent in extracting as much water as possible. You can make high traffic patterns worse if the carpet contains too much water. You will want to take your time extracting as much moisture as possible. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it again to help fluff the carpet up. With proper carpet cleaning, you can help remove and restore high traffic patterns in the carpet.

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For best results in restoring high traffic patterns is to reach out to the professionals. Carpet Care 2000 utilizes superior truck mounted steam carpet cleaning with powerful water extraction. For quality carpet cleaning and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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