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Is Carpet Stretching Worth It in Manteca, CA? Causes of Ripples & Bulging, How Carpets are Stretched & More

Do you have carpeting in your home? If you do, you may need to have carpet stretching services. Professional carpet stretching services involves pulling the carpet tighter and re-securing it to the tack strips that are located around the perimeter of the room. When carpet is installed it is done very securely and tightly against these strips. Over time it will relax and need to be stretched.

Reasons that Carpets Need to be Stretched

Regular wear and tear will start to pull carpet away from the tack strips and the seams where carpets are joined together may also start to separate. This can damage the tacking strip. Depending on the carpet that you have it may just become less taut as the fibers and materials start to stretch. Carpet that needs to be stretched can impact the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. It can also create safety concerns because carpeting that doesn’t lay flat creates a tripping hazard. It can also wear unevenly and decrease its lifespan.

Signs Your Carpet Needs to be Stretched

When your carpet needs to be stretched there are signs that you can easily see and those that can only be spotted by trained professionals. Carpet should lay as flat and smoothly as it did the day it was installed. Carpet needs to be stretched when you can see wrinkled or ripped carpet. It may also appear lumpy. If it doesn’t you need to have it stretched. You may also notice that your carpet is pulling away from the edges of the room when it needs to be stretched. Professionals can inspect your carpet to look for additional signs that your carpet needs to be stretched or repaired.

How Carpet is Stretched

It’s best to hire professionals to stretch your carpet. There are various processes that that need to be done. Only professionals can determine which of those processes need to be done to correct the issues with the carpet in your home. There are situations where re-seaming may be all that is needed. Other situations require new tack strips and a power kicker to properly pull and stretch the carpet onto the new strips. Carpet may also need to be trimmed after stretching services. If you have ever seen carpet installed you may think it’s a simple process to tackle yourself, but it takes a considerable amount to strength and energy to do it. You also need to have the right tools. The work also needs to be done quickly to achieve superior results. If you take too long or stretch it the wrong way it might just look worse than it did before you started! It’s not a job you can do over a weekend. Professionals can get it done in less than a day.

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Does your carpet look like it needs to be replaced? Stretching services can save you the cost of having new carpet installed if it’s still in good shape. Have a professional from Carpet Care 2000 determine if stretching services are all you need! Contact us today!

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