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Carpeting Repairs in Livermore, CA; Carpet Stretching, Invisible Patching & More

When it comes to carpets in your home, you probably take time to keep them regularly vacuumed. Something that you may not recognize is when your carpet starts to look dingy or dirty. A good way to bring it back to life is having it professionally cleaned. Another problem that you may think is little harder to solve is carpet wear and tear damage that could lead to needing a repair. Another reason that you may need to have repairs done can be that the carpet has loosened and wrinkled and it needs to be stretched or perhaps you have experienced a bleach stain that has permanently changed the color and fiber of your carpets.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair like carpet stretching can be a process that helps the carpet look its best and can make it easier to walk around since the extra carpet is no longer bunched up. If you have bunched up carpet or areas that are rippled and creased then you need to look into carpet stretching to eliminate these tripping hazards. If you have a company come to stretch the carpet you need to make sure the room is cleared out first. In order for the carpet stretching to work its best you want to have all the heavy objects off the floor like beds, dressers and couches and smaller items picked up. After the carpet has been stretched you can replace all the furniture back and go about your normal life.

Invisible Carpet Patching and Other Needed Carpet Repairs

If you have an area that needs some repair like a dog scratched a hole, or someone spilled something that cannot be cleaned off, looking into getting your carpet patched is a great idea. This would be a process that takes some work and the right company to manage it to ensure that the carpet repair is done correctly. This option is ideal if you are not ready to replace an entire room with carpet and only wish to fix a small area. It is also an affordable option and can look practically invisible if done correctly. One of our expert technicians can come in and look at the damaged area and decide how much of it needs to be removed. They can take out the damaged carpet and replace it with a piece of carpet that usually will come from a closet where most people will not notice it missing. This can be a great way to get some more life out of your carpet and leave you with pride of knowing your home is well maintained and cared for.

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