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Most Common Causes Of Carpet Damage & How To Repair It in Danville, CA; Stretching to Remove Wrinkles & Patching to Fix Holes from Pets & Pests

When you have your carpet installed it always looks its best. Then the work to keep it looking good starts. As soon as you start to move your furniture on it and walk around you are tracking dirt and potentially causing damage to the carpet fibers. Most people will vacuum on a regular basis to help remove the everyday dirt and debris. They also will normally treat stains and spills when they happen and lastly hire a professional to clean the carpets on a regular basis. This is the best way to get the dirt and grime that is being compacted in the fibers and the padding and remove it. The professional carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpets as long as they don’t suffer any major damage. If your carets are damaged more than a standard spill or stain, you may need to have your carpet repaired with carpet repair, patching or stretching.

Carpet Care 2000 list carpet damage and what repair can be done to fix it.

Carpet Stretching: After some time you may start to notice small bumps or ripples in the carpet. This can be an eyesore as well as a tripping hazard in your home. The ripples can be at the seam of the carpet or even right in the middle of the room. The carpet ripples are where the carpet has come loose from the tack strips and the carpet shifted. When the carpet is installed it is tacked down with some small nails that will hold it in place. Even if this is done well it can still become loose and unattached. This will lead to the ripples and bumps in the carpet. The carpet will need to be repaired by being stretched. The process is done by a professional carpet repair company. We have the tools that are needed to pull the carpet back to the edge and re-secure it so that the loose parts are now pulled taut.
Carpet Patching: If you have a pet that was left alone they may feel anxious and try to dig out of the room they are in. That could mean a big hole in the carpet where they ripped it up. You can also have a bald spot from carpet beetles that eat away the carpet fibers leaving a spot that is lacking fibers usually under a piece of furniture or in a closet. Whatever the reason for the damage it will need to be repaired. The repair is what is called carpet patching. This is where the technician will come out and remove a piece of carpet that is hidden somewhere in a closet and re-attach it to the damaged area. If it is done well the patch will look nearly seamless and be virtually invisible!

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