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Pet Proof Your Carpets & Padding in Livermore, CA; Stain & Odor Resistant Carpet Installation

Pet owners often have to clean their carpets due to pet accidents or even the hair and dander they leave behind. Some may eventually remove their carpet for another flooring choice that makes it easier to clean up after their pets. For those who love the soft padding and comfort that carpet provides, you may hate to have to replace your carpets. The good news is you don’t have to. In the past few years improved development of carpets has finally produced a pet proof carpet. There is now a carpet you can have in your home alongside your pets. Carpet Care 2000 will share how pet proof carpet works and why pet owners should consider using this carpet.

Dog Urine Smell & Other Pet Odors in Carpet

Pet owners often battle removing pet odors out of their carpets, even after having their carpets deep cleaned. Often, and in a short period of time, the odors are back. This is because the odor is in the padding which is the bottom layer that gives carpet the extra padding. When you have your carpet cleaned the surface layer or the carpet gets cleaned, however, the padding can never be cleaned unless the carpet is pulled off and the padding is then cleaned. Since it is near impossible to have the under padding cleaned each time your pet has an accident, most pet owners will replace their carpet in favor of a solid surface which makes it easier to clean.

Premium Pet Proof Carpet Pad

There are many people who would prefer having carpet over tile or wood floors. This is why pet proof carpet went into development. The focus first was in creating a padding that was resistant to urine and other fluids. Where in the padding is still essentially the same, the surface is coated with a spill barrier that prevents liquids or fluids from seeping into the padding. With this water or fluid resistant surface, pet urine or vomit will not seep into the padding where bacteria can develop and constantly release the odors over time.

Pet Stain Resistant Carpet

With the advancement of the resistant padding other advancements were made to the carpet as well. Each developer or manufacturer varies on the carpet design. However, in general a new yarn system for the carpet pile or fibers also helps to repel stains including those from pets such as urine, vomit or feces stains. However, high levels of acid can still leave stains on all carpet and in some cases the vomit or feces can still damage and leave stains if acid levels are high enough. The yarn system uses a synthetic material that is partially made with water resistant materials. The fibers are woven much tighter and more compact which helps prevent fluids from seeping deep into the carpet. This is how much of the fluids are locked out of the carpet which also helps prevent many stains and odors from forming, especially those caused by your pets.

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Pet odor resistant padding and advanced yarn system offers the option of having carpet and pets in the same home. If you love carpet and your pets, consider installing pet proof carpet in your home. If you need help installing carpet or caring for carpet in your home, contact Carpet are 2000 today!

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