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Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Tips in Mountain House California

Cleaning our homes is a daily ritual. Most days are light; the “daily list” or surface layer. We typically pick up any messes made, dishes of course, and our floors need daily attention. Then most have the weekly chores. Consisting of scrubbing bathrooms, a good dust and polish, window cleaning, and any other chores we care to do. Next there is the spring cleaning where we dive into each room, letting go of clutter and dividing it into trash or donation piles and deeply cleaning and sanitizing. But sometimes the quarterly cleaning gets over looked. Cleaning our mattresses should be included in this ceremony. But how do we clean our mattresses? Besides the obvious of ensuring fresh linens are rotated weekly or bi-weekly, there is plenty we can do.

Carpet Care 2000 has prepared the following tips and ideas on how to care for your mattresses.

Vacuuming. We begin our mattress cleaning adventure by vacuuming. This little duty will require using the hoses and a few of the attachments. You want to pick the appropriate tool for the job at hand. Make sure you vacuum every nook and crevice and get all the surface debris hiding in the embroidery and seems.
Pre-Stain Treatment. After the mattress is thoroughly vacuumed, apply upholstery cleaner and wipe down. Upholstery cleaner is generally safe on skin, but if you have ultra sensitive skin, do not use. By doing this little step, it will enhance your efforts at removing dust mites and their refuse.
Stain Removal. Before we help attack different stains found on a mattress, it is a good idea to hit them with an enzyme cleaner. Doing so is an effective way to breaking down most stains making them easier to deal with. Apply your enzyme cleaner and follow the labels directions.
~Unidentifiable stains. Many people have that questionable stain. You have no clue how it got there or even what it is. Try spraying it with your favorite citrus cleaner and let it soak approximately five minutes. Blot the spot with a clean, absorbent cloth.

~ Blood stains. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain and blot with a clean, absorbent cloth while it is still bubbling. The stain may not fully lift up if the stain has set in or if it’s a heavy blood stain, but it will at least improve the stain to less obvious status. If the stain is fresh and the hydrogen peroxide didn’t fully remove the stain you can apply cool water and a pinch of salt. DO NOT use warm or hot water as this will set in the proteins and the stain will be next to impossible to remove. The last option for removing blood is using a baking soda solution. Mix one part baking soda to two parts water. Using a clean cloth, apply mixture to stain and let it absorb for thirty minutes. Use plain clean water and a separate clean cloth to rinse the area, and dry with a clean towel until damp, then allow to air dry.

~ Cigarette odor. The baking soda solution will come in handy; just apply the mixture to the entire mattress. Detergent will work for this issue as well. Mix one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups cold, clean water. Apply to mattress with a clean cloth. Rinse by blotting water with a clean cloth throughout and allow to air dry after removing excess water with a clean dry towel. If you often smoke in bed it is wise to wash your linens frequently to keep the odor from being so pervasive. If you’re not inclined to use DYI formulas for cleaning, use a large can on each side of the mattress with Lysol spray generously. After it is dry apply Febreze. Once dry, be sure to use a hypoallergenic mattress pad cover on.

~ Mold and Mildew. If there was a moisture problem, there could be mold and mildew stains. If you want to save that perfect mattress you know won’t be so easily replaced, begin by putting outside on a particularly sunny day. After the mold and mildew is dried out much of it can be easily swept or wiped away. Be sure to vacuum the excess in detail. Mix equal parts warm water and isopropyl alcohol. Sponge to mattress and rinse with warm water. A common disinfectant such as Lysol should follow. By doing this will kill any spores still lingering.

~ Urine Stains. For best results use enzyme based cleaners. Generously spray the area and methodically blot. Running Lysol, and Febreze will reduce odor.

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

If all these things seem taxing, and you simply don’t have time or energy, let the specialists handle it. At Carpet Care 2000, one of our specialty services is mattress cleaning. Our technicians can get your mattress cleaned, sanitized and smelling fresh too! Contact us today for fresh clean mattresses you can feel good about.

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