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Protecting Carpet From Christmas Trees in San Joaquin County CA; Preventing Falling Pine Needles, Excess Water, Damage & Stains

Christmas trees are a big tradition in most home that celebrate Christmas. People go to the lots to find the perfect tree. The appealing smell of pine, the decorations, the star or angel adorning the tip top, the garland and the lights that sometimes make us question our sanity. The children anticipating the possibilities of what Santa will leave under it, and what doesn’t always occur to some, is the mess they create while glistening our homes with Christmas spirit.

Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer some tips and advice to keeping your carpets clean while the Christmas tree is a part of your Holiday decor.

1. Prevent Pine Needles Falling on the Carpet. Just as you put cut flowers in a vase full of water to preserve their beauty longer, the same principle applies to cut trees. If the tree doesn’t receive water, it will dry out, and the needles will fall rapidly, making it next to impossible to keep them clean. There are many Christmas tree stands that come with a dish at the bottom to keep your tree well hydrated. Make sure you add water periodically as needed. Needles will still fall, but it is easier to control as not as many fall as quickly. If possible, erect your tree away from a heating source as heat also contributes to a tree drying out quickly.
2. Prevent Excess Water & Damage to Carpets & Floors. Carpeted floors in particular can be greatly damaged if there is a leak in your stand. If spills or leaks occur, it is best to have a preemptive strike in place. Have a plastic or sheet or something waterproof that can be place discretely under your stand to catch any water issues.
3. Preventing Carpet Stains from Tree Stands. The stand has potential to create stains if experiencing any kind of water issues. Since they are usually painted red or green, the color could transfer onto your carpet. Not only will a waterproof implement help detain any water spills or leaks, it can also prevent any transfer stains from happening.
4. Carpet Cleaning Sap Stains. Tree sap is a pain in the, well, it’s a pain to clean. It’s extremely sticky and thick. The best solution for cleaning any sap mess is rubbing alcohol. Apply a dab on a clean, un-dyed cloth, and blot up the sap. As with any products you use to tend to cleaning, execute a test patch in an inconspicuous place to ensure it doesn’t compromise materials or color.

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For any pre-cleaning or post- cleaning carpet needs this holiday season, trust the experience and expertise of Carpet Care 2000. Call us for an appointment today!

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