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Repurpose Carpet Remnant Offcuts in Dublin, CA. What to Do With Leftover Carpet Scraps; Pet Beds, Floor Mats, Draft Stoppers, Floor Games & More

When you install new carpets in your home, there are always leftover remnants or scraps when the job is done. Now you have some new carpet pieces with no idea as to what you can do with them. There are thousands of great ideas you can use or do with your leftover carpet pieces. Carpet Care 2000 will share a few ideas on what you can do with those seemingly useless pieces of carpet.

Pet Uses for Carpet Offcuts

One idea for leftover carpet piece is to give it to your pets. Depending on the size or amount of the carpet leftover you can make cat or dog bedding and give extra padding for your pet to snuggle up on. For the more ambitious pet owner, you make a dog or cat house lined with carpet for extra padding and insulation.

Carpet Remnant to Protect Inside of Vehicle Floor

Some people like to lay an additional layer of carpet to protect the inside of their vehicle floor. Having a larger piece of leftover carpet is easy enough to cut to fit on the floors of vehicles floor perfectly. As they become dirty and worn out you can simply remove them. Your original floors are still clean and in good condition.

Turn Leftover Carpet into Floor Mats or Rugs

You can make your own custom floor mats. There are fabric paints that can be used on carpet to add your own personality with either design or images you may want to do. This can be a fun project for kids or adults. Depending again on the size, it could be used for bath rooms, kitchens, or even a large area rug.

Carpet Scraps Make Great Knee Pads for Gardening & Cleaning

Smaller pieces make for great knee pads. Whether you are doing outdoor projects or indoor cleaning etc., having extra padding for your knees will help relieve pressure and pain from off your knees. Don’t be shy on using one or two layers for extra padding. Your knee deserves it.

Homemade Carpet Draft Stoppers

Another great use for leftover carpet is to use them as draft blockers. For areas with big gaps like window seal or doorways that let in a draft, you can use the leftover pieces to cut in thin strips and place under these draft points.

Carpet Floor Games for Kids

Cutting the larger pieces in squares can be used for kid’s games like hopscotch for an indoor game for those days when the outdoors isn’t hospitable for play. You can even put the carpet pieces in doll houses for a realistic feel to your kids play time. Just cut and place in the doll house or you can even glue it in place.

Carpet Furniture Moving Sliders & Pads

For those smaller pieces, you can cut them into small squares for furniture movers or pads. This works the best on tile floors or wooden floors. For considerably large leftovers, you can use them for your home gym. For those of you who have workout equipment on patios or in garages, the hard surface can be rather unpleasant to workout on. Having some padding for you and your equipment will make your workout cleaner and more comfortable.

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Here are but a few ideas that can turn useless leftover carpet pieces into great usable items in your home. You can go online and find the thousands of ways others have turned their remnant carpet pieces into something usable. Carpet Care 2000 loved sharing some ideas with you. Check out our services and let us know if we can help you. Call us today.

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