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Should You Repair, Clean or Replace the Worn, Matted Carpet in Your San Ramon, CA Home?

Each and every day you, your family, and your guests walk back and forth on the carpet in your home. As you do the carpet becomes worn and tattered. If you look at your carpet and wonder if you should replace it and immediately have a sense of sheer dread you are in good company. Replacing your carpet is an expensive endeavor. Before you commit to replacing your carpet there are a few things that you should consider.

Carpet Repair

One of the first things you will want to keep in mind is if your carpet could simply have some repairs done instead of replacing it. Many homeowners do not even contemplate the option of repairing their carpet. The benefit of carpet repair is that it is significantly cheaper than replacing your carpet entirely. Here at Carpet Care 2000 we offer carpet repair services. We can fix the seams in your carpet that have broken down. Our seam repair solutions will be tailored to your individual flooring to ensure the best result possible. We can also help repair damaged carpet. Typically damaged carpet is caused by family pets like cats and dogs. We can take carpet from an unused area and replace the ruined section of carpet for you. This is called carpet patching. We also offer carpet stretching services. If your carpet has waves or ripples in it, we can come and stretch it so that your carpet will lay correctly again.

Carpet Replacement

Your second option to get your flooring to look the way you want is it replace your carpet. There are a variety of reasons why people automatically look at this option instead of considering a repair. Sometimes you are simply sick of the color of your current carpet. Clearly no amount of repair is going to make your carpet turn into a different color for you. Other times you want a different type of carpet. Carpet is manufactured in a variety of different loops. The last reason that replacing your carpet may be your first thought is that you want to replace the padding underneath your carpet. If one of these reasons has you nodding your head in agreement, it is probably best to go ahead and replace that carpet. There are other reasons that you may ultimately decide that replacing your carpet is the best option for you. Carpet Care 2000 is pleased to offer carpet replacement services as well.

Carpet Cleaning

Over the years your carpet becomes matted as people walk on your carpet. If your carpet is matted you may want to think about when you had it professionally cleaned by our technicians here at Carpet Care 2000. Many times a good carpet cleaning will take care of that matted look that you just cannot stand. Stains, mold, and foul odors are other reasons that homeowners consider replacing their carpet. No one wants to have any of these problems in their home. Similar to matted carpet, an outstanding carpet cleaning by Carpet Care 2000 can help restore your carpet by getting rid of stains, mold, and foul odors. Many times our customers are able to buy themselves some time on replacing their carpets by having their carpets thoroughly cleaned.

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Eventually all carpet will reach a point when it will simply need to be replaced. Even carpet that has been vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned routinely cannot last forever. Whatever you decide to do with your carpet we hope that you will remember that the best thing you can do to increase the longevity of your carpet is to utilize Carpet Care 2000 on a routine basis to clean your carpets. Contact us today!

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