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Signs Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning in Altamont, CA; Faded Colors, Odors, Allergies & More

There is a lot to say about professional carpet cleaning. The benefits are staggering and with routine vacuuming, spot removal, and overall care, the carpets in both commercial and residential applications can be kept in remarkable condition, look exceptionally amazing, and flourish far past the projected life expectancy. Unless you keep to an appointed schedule for your deep professional cleaning, you may be uncertain when your carpets might need it most. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to discuss the signs carpet is in need of cleaning.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it or is Vacuuming Good Enough?

Before we get into the red flags that carpets need professional care, let’s touch on why. As dirt and debris falls on the surface of the carpets, they begin to penetrate deep beneath padding, especially adding foot traffic. Though regular vacuuming helps remove most of it, there is still some that is lost and with everyday foot traffic causing friction, underneath the carpet, damage is being done; much like a sandpaper effect. Dirt and debris is not the only enemy of carpets, but spills cause stains and odors as well as beloved pets. If not immediately treated, many of these stains and odors can be nothing short of a challenge to remove.

Signs Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

Residential carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once a year, and commercial carpets every 6 months; more so for both applications when needed. Not everyone marks their calendar and considering that, we have listed a few signs your carpets are in need of professional care.
1) Increase in allergy outbreaks. Contaminates that linger in the fibers are often responsible for triggering allergies. If you or multiple residents begin experiencing redundant symptoms, such as; sneezing, difficulty breathing, eyes tearing up, and runny noses more so than normal, than you are due for a professional cleaning. In the event that anyone living in your home has chronic allergies, easily suffers from asthma attacks or has any other additional respiratory problems, routine carpet cleaning provided by a professional should be scheduled.
2) Noticeable odors are becoming more dominant. Odors can be a difficult task to neutralize, especially if you are uncertain where the odors originate from; smelling them should be cause to invest in a professional carpet cleaning. Between pet accident, household spills, daily activity, and chemical use, undesirable odors emerge. Vacuuming, household remedies, or even commercial department store cleaners cannot remove these odors. When these odors and stains manifest, professional deep cleaning is the only fix to restore the carpet’s freshness and remove the spots.
3) Faded carpet colors. As time goes by, carpets will appear to fade. Direct sunlight coming in through windows and daily foot traffic often causes the carpet’s color to lighten. With professional carpet cleaning, much of the fading can be prevented with routine carpet cleaning in conjunction with other preventative applications. Some tips can be to ensure blinds or curtains are closed during peak sunlight hours, runners, area rugs, and walk off mats and so on.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If any of these apply to you, or you know it’s been over a year since your last professional carpet cleaning, call in the experts of Carpet Care 2000 and let our pros do the rest.

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