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Skip the Carpet Spotters & Avoid Brown Spots After Cleaning Carpet Stains in Ripon, CA

There is little you can do to avoid the spots that might occur because substances make contact with our carpets all the time. Using a carpet spotter to clean to clean the spilled juice or coffee, the tracked in mud, the occasional pet accident, or other such spills will actually cause more spots. Utilizing other methods to treat the spots and stains is a wiser alternative than using the carpet spotters and we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share why you should skip the carpet spotters.

Brown Spots After Cleaning Stains with Spotters

What people do not realize when reaching for the carpet spotters to quickly treat carpet messes is that in order to make these products most effective is that they require extraction methods. Soap is the main ingredient in these carpet spotters and it is formulated to loosen and remove the soil that accumulated below the surface. Where these spotters may help you remove the initial spot, they will leave behind the soap residue that wouldn’t be an issue if properly extracted. Soon after use, a brown spot develops where you treated the mess because the soap left behind naturally draws dirt and dust, which then sticks to the carpet. Typically, to treat the stain, people will spray the product directly onto the spot and use a cloth and some scrubbing techniques until the spot dissipates. As mentioned, many substances will be efficiently removed, but the carpet spotter will linger on the carpet. As the dirt and dust collects and adheres to the soap residue, you eventually get a new brown stain in the place of the original spot.

Carpet Spotter Extractor

Before you buy a carpet spotter, read the label thoroughly to see if the directions include something like, “apply to spot before extraction cleaning”. Whenever the term extraction cleaning is conducted, it implies that steam machine or high power suction vacuum equipment is being used to remove the soil and stains. Keep in mind that a standard vacuum is not designed for extraction cleaning. The carpet spotters are used in conjunction with the extraction, generally steam, to remove the soapy residue along with the debris and spots. Avoiding these products is optimal to avoid the soapy residues and the dirt stains that will inevitably occur.

Homemade Vinegar Solution Carpet Stain Remover

Use equal parts white vinegar and water for your go-to spot cleaner that effectively lifts most stains and is safe on your carpets. The vinegar won’t leave behind a soap-like residue; it is natural, and non-toxic. Do not over saturate, but spray the spot generously and use a damp cloth to blot up the spill and repeat until it is gone. Following the stain removal use a dry towel to absorb as much moisture as you can. You can also keep this solution with your cleaning supplies to have ready for the accidents that will try to tarnish the carpets.

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Providing that you come against a stubborn stain the vinegar mixture can’t beat or it is simply time for professional carpet cleaning, call Carpet Care 2000 and experienced professionals will clean your carpets with high-powered extraction equipment and effective products to obliterate those nasty stains.

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