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Spilled Water on Carpet in Livermore, CA? What Causes Water Spots? How to Dry, Clean & Get Old Brown Water Stains & Marks Out

Did you ever realize that water can actually cause stains or spots on your carpet? You are probably thinking how can that be? Well if you think about the spots in your shower or on your car or windows, it may all start to make sense. Water is a great resource that is necessary to sustain all life. Plants, animals and people need water to stay hydrated and grow. The earth’s surface is actually made up of 70% water although the majority of that is salt water. The salt water is not able to be treated and used for city and towns. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and if you had that perfect set of elements you would never see a stain. The problems occurs because of what else is readily found in the water that we use. Water is the base but through its process of traveling through the earth and being treated it picks up undesirable elements. You can easily find sediment and minerals in the water that you are using to clean, cook and drink. These are what actually will end up causing the water spots to occur on your carpet. They are what end up leaving the white spots on windows, showers and even the carpet.

Carpet Care 2000 Explains What a Water Spot is & the Best Way To Treat These Stains

What Causes Water Spots on Carpet?: The water that you have access to in your home is drinkable per the city or town standards. There is an acceptable amount of sediment that can be found in the water that is treated. Many cities will also add minerals like fluoride in the water source which will help in leaving a spot on the carpet. The water is not the issue but the minerals and sediment that are in the water. The water that is spilled will dry and evaporate and what is left is the sediment and minerals which tend to leave a white spot on the carpet. The spot can be a real eye sore and you will want to clean it right away to ensure that it is fully removed.
How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Carpet: The leftover sediment can be treated with an acidic product. Many people may think that using vinegar will break down the sediment and that is true. The sediment will be broken down but the carpet can potentially be damaged as well. There is a better option that is safe to use on carpet fibers and upholstery. Get a spray bottle and fill it with warm water and add in a few tablespoons of dish soap. The spray can be used on the spot and should soak the area. Allow the spray to sit on the spot for about ten minutes then use your fingers to move around the white water spots. This will allow you to remove the spot by using a wet/dry vacuum. This pulls the water out of the carpet as well as the white substance that is left behind when the water dries.

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