The worst way to spend your summer time is suffering from allergies. Most people have allergies during different seasons and summer can be hard for some people especially if they have a specific allergies. One of the largest problems with allergies is in your own home. That’s right; you have a sponge that soaks up all the dirt, dust and debris that can cause debris in your home and you probably don’t even know it. We are talking about your carpets.
Most of the world has had a bad and long winter and in turn has caused the spring pollen count to come out much later in the year. This means that even during the summer months, you can still be feeling the effects of the trees and flowers blooming. The pollen drops off the trees and the bushes and lays on the ground in clumps. Those clumps are tracked around and into homes by people and animals. They bring it indoors and onto the carpet and upholstery and it will stay there causing allergies for a long period of time. The best way that has been found to help not only to remove the allergens but also to clean the carpet is to use a steam cleaning process.
The steam cleaning method is the only one that is considered a ‘deep’ clean. Other methods are referred to as “light surface cleaning” or “interim cleaning” because they are simple not able to remove soil and dirt, deep down in the pile. The steam cleaning process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent into the carpet pile and then recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. Carpet Care 2000 does this with a powerful truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and floor tool brought inside. The truck-mounted system is preferred, not only because it’s more powerful and gets the carpet drier quicker, but because the dirty air and humidity are sent outside rather than recirculated around inside.
There are other ways that can help combat allergens in your home such as mattress cleaning. You can call Carpet Care 2000 for an appointment today to ensure that allergens and pollutants have been removed. This can alleviate the causes and give you some relief from your allergies.