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Tips for Getting Sticky Stuff, Dried Oil, Soda Spills & Other Stains Out of Carpet in Lyoth, CA

There are some aspects of keeping your house clean that seems to take time and special effort. One of the areas of the house you need to constantly work on is the carpet. The carpet can become messy from dirt and debris that is brought in from the outside. It is easily traipsed in on your shoes and clothes and can be in the air. The other problem that many homeowners have when dealing with their carpets are the spills that will occur. There will always be an accident where someone drops a plate of food or drips their drink. You want to know the best way to treat all sorts of spills, stains and spots. The best way to do that is to understand the different types of stains that you will likely come up against.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines How to Clean Different Types of Carpet Stains

How to Get Sticky Stuff Off Carpet: You want to make sure that you are ready to tackle a spot on your carpet from sticky candy or gum. These are one of the hardest things to clean off your carpet if you don’t use the correct method. The gum or candy will become attached to the carpet fibers and you want to make sure that you are careful when removing it so that it does not spread out. You want to make sure that you use a bag of ice to freeze the spot. This will prevent it from getting stuck further in the carpet so that you can chip it away. The frozen candy can be broken off the carpet with a butter knife or plastic card. You want to pick up the pieces that are chipped away as soon as possible before they warm back up.
How to Remove Water Soluble Stains from Carpet: Another type of stain that you might have to deal with and is found most often is water soluble stains. There are two levels that you could be stuck trying to clean off. Both types are still water soluble and that means that you can use a water based cleaner to remove the stain. The easier level happens to be spills such as gravy, soda and other foods. The level up from that are the stains that can be chocolate, berries or food dye. You want to use water and some dish soap on these types of stains. You can allow the water solution to stay on the area for several minutes then dab with a nice clean cloth.
How to Remove Dried Oil or Wax Spills on Carpet: If you have to try and clean wax or oils off your carpet you need to be aware of the best way to do that. Wax can be from a candle that was left burning and oil can come from the garage or even greasy food. You need to pull these spills from the carpet with heat. You can use your iron on the area and place a brown bag over the spot. Run the iron on the area and it will pull the stain off the carpet and soak it into the bag, You can toss it in the trash and repeat it if it is necessary.

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