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What Has Eaten & Damaged My Carpet in San Ramon, CA? Carpet Moths & Beetles!

Have you noticed bald spots on your carpet where the fibers are missing revealing the bottom or pile of the carpet? You may wonder why your carpet is suddenly going bald, especially when it seems your carpet is either brand new or not really that old. Today Carpet Care 2000 will reveal the disturbing truth as to why your carpet is going bald and what can be done to stop it.

Carpet Moth Larvae & Beetle Damage

You may wonder why your carpet is balding without any signs of those fibers lying around. The malady is due to carpet pests. Yes, little tiny insects or bugs are feeding on your carpet. Some of the most common pests found feasting on carpets are carpet moths or more precisely their larva, and carpet beetles. Some may wonder why their carpets may be infested with pests. Is it due to the fact that their homes are dirty? Well the answer to that question is no. The condition of your home has no affect on whether or not carpet pests are present in your home. Both carpet beetles and carpet moths feed on natural fibers such as wool or silk. Carpets or rugs that are made of either of these materials will draw these pests into your home. Even carpets with different blends of materials that contain wool or silk will be affected along with some other natural materials.

What Else Causes Carpet Beetles?

Another way your carpets become victim to a carpet beetle or cloth moth attack is high moisture and dirt built up in your carpets. Often in areas where moisture is constantly assaulting the carpet you might find damage; areas such as around vents or near laundry rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. Additionally carpet isn’t the only victim of these carpet pests. They will often feed on linens such as curtains, bedding, and even furniture with natural fibers. All can be a breeding ground for these pests.

How Do You Prevent & Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Once carpet beetles and pests are found in your home or carpets, you will need to treat them. You will want to thoroughly vacuum your carpets and then treat your carpets with a pest carpet cleaning agent. A natural cleaner for killing pests is vinegar. However a professional carpet cleaner will also have disinfectants that can kill any pest or eggs left behind after vacuuming. To prevent these carpet pests you should regularly wash curtains and exposed linens and of course, regularly vacuum your carpets and rugs. You will especially want to vacuum the edges of carpets, which most must admit, can get neglected from time to time. Having your carpets steam cleaned is another additional, effective, and inexpensive way to prevent carpet pests from damaging your carpets and rugs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If your carpets seem to be balding, especially where the carpet is exposed to moisture, it is most likely due to these carpet dwelling pests. To prevent these pests from feeding on your carpets, Carpet Care 2000 can deep clean your carpets and extract any of them that might be lurking underneath your carpets fibers. Contact Carpet Care 2000 day to prevent pests from feasting on and destroying your carpet. Damaged areas will most likely need to be repaired. Make an appointment and have your carpet professionally cleaned and repaired today.

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