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What Kills Mold in Carpets in Ripon, CA? Vacuuming, Steam Carpet Cleaning, Anti-Fungal Spray & More

California’s coastal climates create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to develop in carpets. With this perfect environment and with a bit of humidity which is plentiful, it will cause the mold to bloom and spread very quickly. When mold develops in the carpets it can cause a musty odor and produce spores that can lead to illness. The mold is a hazardous element that can lead to illness and at the same time, it is also destroying your carpet. Mold needs to be removed from the carpet as soon as it is discovered. Carpet Care 2000 will share how mold can be removed from your carpets.

How Do You Get Mold & Mildew Out of Carpet?

Removing mold from the carpet is not an easy task. Mold can creep deep into the carpet and to remove the mold, it will require a bit of work. However, there are a few tips and steps you can take to remove the mold in your carpets.
Ventilation & Safety: Mold spores can lead to a number of illnesses including respiratory irritations. When mold develops in the carpets you will want to open up the windows to ventilate the mold spores out of the area. You may want to turn on fans and point the fan towards the windows to help push the mold spores out of the home. If the mold is considered severe, make sure to wear eye protection, a mask and gloves to avoid exposure to the mold.
Anti-Fungal Cleaning Spray: Once the area where the mold is located has been properly ventilated you will want to apply an anti-fungal cleaner to the carpet. Make sure to apply the anti-fungal cleaner generously to the area where the mold is located. You will want to leave the anti-fungal cleaner on the carpet overnight and once the carpet is dry again, consider applying a second round of the anti-fungal cleaner to the site of the mold and let it dry once more. The anti-fungal cleaner should kill the mold in the carpet. Afterward, you can safely vacuum the carpet and the dead mold along with it.
Vacuuming Carpet: After applying the anti-fungal cleaner, the mold should be dead but it is still in the carpet. You will want to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. When you are vacuuming the carpet, you will want to move the fibers in multiple directs which moves the pile around loosening up the dead mold and other particles that are in the carpet.
Professional Carpet Cleaning: When you see mold in the carpets, the mold can be deep and even underneath the carpet and into the padding. A professional carpet cleaning service can deep clean the carpet and help treat the carpet for the mold. A professional carpet cleaner has powerful carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning products that can effectively remove the mold in the carpet and padding.

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If you need help removing mold in your carpet, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. For quality carpet cleaning services and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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