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What to Do if Your Vernalis, CA House Floods; Extract Water, Dry, Clean & Deodorize Carpets

When you return to your home or discover that your home has flooded, there are a number of steps you will want to do when recovering your home. Recovering a home after a flood needs to be done quickly to prevent prolonged exposure to the moisture that can damage flooring, walls and furniture. Carpet Care 2000 would like to walk you through these steps to help you save and recover your home after flooding.

Step 1. Determine Source of Flood

When you discover your home has flooded, you will want to determine the source of the water. Flooding can occur from broken or backed up plumbing, appliance malfunction, or storm flooding. If the water is coming from the home, turn off the main water line and first repair the plumbing problem or replace the broken appliance.

Step 2. Contact a Flood Damage Restoration Service

It is recommended to seek professional flood damage repair services to help recover the home. A flood damage service can come quickly and help react to the situation faster.

Step 3. Water Extraction & Damage Assessment

Whether a professional service comes to help you or you choose to recover your home yourself, the next step is to begin extracting the water and to assess the damage. In order to remove the water, you will need a water pump if the water level is high. For example, in a basement, or sunken floor living room, the area can fill with water. For carpets and saturated material, a water suction tool is used to begin sucking out the water. For smaller items, such as small rugs and curtain, they can be cleaned in a wash machine. As the water begins to get extracted, you will want to assess the damage. Inspect walls, flooring, floorboards, furniture and other items exposed to the water.

Step 4. Drying and Cleaning Carpet

Once the water is extracted and the damage assessed, the next step is to dry the home or flooded area. Fans and large dehumidifiers are the preferred tools for professional water damage repair services. They help to dry all the surrounding materials quickly to prevent mold or further damages. If you are doing your own restoration, you can rent fans and dehumidifiers at most home improvement stores. Once the home or flooded area is dried out it will need to undergo major cleaning and treatment to prevent mold and other bacterial growth. Upholstery, carpets and large area rugs need to be cleaned with a mold and bacterial preventative proved cleaner to unsure the home’s safety.

Step 5. Repair Water Damage

The final step is to repair any damages. Certain material may require replacement. Dry wall may need to be replaced as they don’t handle water damage well. Flooring and structural repairs or replacement may also be needed.

Carpet Water Extraction, Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

After all of the steps are complete, the home can safely be lived in again. When flooding occurs in the home it is often the better choice to seek professional water damage restoration services. Carpet Care 2000 provides many services including Water and flood Damage Restoration. Contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our cleaning and restoration services today.

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