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Why Carpet Stains & Odors Keep Coming Back in Vernalis, CA; Sticky Carpets from Too Much Cleaner, Wicking & More

Did you recently clean a carpet stain to notice that it came back? Or have you spent time cleaning your carpets to get rid of nasty odors simply for the odors to return after a few days? Stains and odors will return if they are not cleaned properly. Yes, a stain can return. Stains or the site of the stain may return and look a dingy gray color because the stain was not cleaned correctly the first time. Odors can return because the source wasn’t properly treated. For those who want to know why stains and odors return and what is the best solution to this common problem, Carpet Care 2000 will explain.

Sticky Carpet After Cleaning with Too Much Cleaner

Stains need to be cleaned as soon as they happen to prevent permanent staining. When a homeowner rushes to clean the stain, they will use either a homemade mixture or a commercial product designed to clean carpet stains. When cleaning the stain, most homeowners will use an excessive amount of cleaning agent on the stain. After cleaning the stain they leave the spot to dry. However, this is a major cleaning flaw. Too much carpet cleaner left in the carpet can attract dirt and even capture additional dirt. Therefore, over time a stain will reemerge. It is important to prevent stains from returning. To do this, rinse out the cleaning agent after the stain has been cleaned. When rinsing the site, use plain cold water. Pour just a little bit of water onto the site and use a dry cloth and press down on top of the water. Repeat this process until all of the cleaning agent is removed. For those with a carpet cleaning machine, or even a wet/dry shop vac, suck out the water as you rinse it out. It is important to get as much moisture out of the carpet as possible to prevent mold from developing.

Carpet Wicking

A similar problem that is known as wicking occurs when carpets are cleaned and too much of the carpet cleaning agent was soaked on the carpets. When carpets are cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine, at times the one doing the cleaning may use too much of the soap or inject too much on to the carpet. A more common problem with DIY carpet cleaning is that the commercial grade carpet cleaner simply does not have the suction power to remove all of the moisture out of the carpet or the soapy residue. As wicking occurs, the entire carpet will begin to look dingy. It is recommended to spend more time extracting moisture out of carpet or seek out a professional carpet cleaning service that uses an industrial grade carpet cleaning machine proven to extract more moisture out of the carpets.

Carpet Smells Like Stinky Feet

For carpet that suffers from bad odors, you may work really hard to get it out of your carpet only to discover within a short period of time the odors return. Odors occur due to the presence of bacteria that is in the carpet. Bacteria can come from pet urine, vomit, spills from food or drink or the combination of moisture with the contaminates that are in the air. As bacteria develops in the carpet you will notice them by their odor. To get rid of odor means you need to eliminate the bacteria in the carpet. To remove bacteria the carpet will need to be cleaned with an anti-bacterial based cleaner. A professional carpet cleaning service can help remove the bacteria in the carpet and help your home smell better.

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