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Why Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning is Important in Livermore, CA; Helps Avoid High Traffic Wear Patterns & More

You may be diligent with your vacuuming routine and very thorough to ensure all the particles are removed. Unfortunately, vacuuming alone cannot extract all of the dirt and debris. Though vacuuming daily can make a significant impact on the surface buildup, you do need professional deep carpet cleaning services at least once a year, even if the carpets appear pristine. Many people are surprised what is happening deep in the fibers where you can’t see and even where you can. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to give you food for thought of the negative impact carpets will experience if the deep professional cleaning is neglected.

What Happens if Carpet is Not Cleaned?

1) If you have let the carpets go without a deep cleaning, you may notice dark lines around the walls of your rooms or maybe under a door or even under your furniture. These dark lines are not connected to the quality of your carpet. In fact, the pollutants and dust that is accumulating in your carpets and on the fibers of your carpets and rising to the surface. Places that have a stronger flow of air or even through little cracks under your carpet is where they tend to manifest. Vacuuming alone won’t take care of the problem, unfortunately, since the dust and pollutants build up continue to build up.
2) When you don’t clean your carpets another issue that arises is wear patterns caused by high traffic. Where the carpet then transitions to a hard surface is when you most often find these in areas of your home. Instead of picking them up when they walk, this is due to the fact that most people often drag their feet. The fibers will absorb spills and dirt to a higher degree than carpet that isn’t worn once they are worn.
3) Chances are it is also in the carpet padding if in the event you have a stain that keeps coming back even after you have cleaned it. It will continue to come back since cleaning the surface of your carpets will not remove this underlying stain.
4) Many carpet manufacturers provide a warranty for your carpet. However, in many cases, the warranty is not long viable if there are not any documented deep cleaning professional services at least once a year. Be sure to read your warranty carefully so you understand your part in ensuring the warranty is intact.
5) Pest infestations can be harbored in your carpets, and you may not even realize it. Carpet beetles, ticks, fleas and other tiny pests can be dragged in from shoes and pets and the longer the carpets go without a deep clean, the more severe the pest infestation will become.

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Remember, most industry experts agree that at the bare minimum, your carpets should be deeply cleaned by a professional once a year. If you live in a dusty area, sensitive to allergy triggers and asthma attacks, or have heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, consider getting the carpets cleaned every 6 months. Call Carpet Care 2000 to schedule your next appointment today!

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