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Will your Carpet Suffer Shrinkage After Professional Cleaning? It’s Highly Unlikely!

Does carpet cleaning shrink your carpet? The answer can be a tricky one, since it is not the carpet itself that actually shrinks but the carpet backing. Confused? The professionals at Carpet Care 2000 offer the following explanation to help you understand the mystery of shrinking carpets and how they can be prevented!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Lengthen the Life of Carpets; Not Shorten Them!

Let’s be honest, the carpeting in your home is expensive and when you hire a professional you expect professional results. Your worst nightmare would be to have your carpets professionally cleaned, only to find they have shrunk. The reality is that getting your carpets cleaned really shouldn’t be cause for concern. Why? Because most carpeting is made of synthetic materials which reduce the risk of shrinking to almost zero.

Axminster & Wilton Wool Carpet with Jute Backing

Carpeting made from natural fibers is a slightly different story and can be prone to shrinking but not for the reasons you might expect. There are generally two types of carpet on the market that have the capacity to shrink, Axminsters and Wiltons. Axminster carpet is made of wool with a jute backing yarn that interweaves with the wool fibers. If the jute backing gets saturated, the backing could shrink. And there you have it, for all intents, purposes and appearances; it’s your carpet backing that has shrunk and essentially damaged the carpet pile in the process. Wiltons can be manufactured with a polypropylene face fiber, with a jute backing. Or the more expensive and traditional wiltons are made from wool with a jute backing. Once again, it is not the actual carpet that shrinks but the jute backing that becomes saturated with water that can shrink.

Shrinking Carpet Prevention

Why do they shrink? It’s the action of applying too much pre-spray cleaning agent or too much water in the rinsing cycle which causes the physical action of the jute carpet backing to shrink. How can you avoid your carpet shrinking? By choosing the services of the skilled and knowledgeable staff at Carpet Care 2000, you can be assured that we use the most technologically advanced cleaning equipment available to make sure your carpet is professionally cleaned and cared for to keep it safe. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your carpet first before applying any cleaning agents or using any equipment as further insurance to guarantee optimal results.

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Although most carpets today are made of synthetic materials which considerably reduce the risk of shrinking to almost nil, our technicians are trained to understand your carpets and the different fiber composition as well as the manufacture recommended cleaning process needed for quality results. So what’s the bottom line? For most carpets the risk of shrinking is almost nothing. Hiring a reputable, experienced cleaning company such as Carpet Care 2000 makes all the difference when it comes to caring for your carpets. Contact the experts at Carpet Care 2000 today and speak with a qualified customer service technician about our professional carpet cleaning services. The experienced carpet cleaning technicians at Carpet Care 2000 are educated and knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of your precious carpeting to prolong the beauty and durability of your flooring time and time again.

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