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Are Old Dog Urine Stains, Mold, Bacteria & Germs in Carpet a Health Hazard that Can Make You Sick in Livermore, CA?

Some people prefer to have carpets in those rooms where people like to lounge about. Many families will gather together and some will sprawl out all over the floor and couches. However, most may not realize what may be hiding within your carpets. Carpets that do not get cleaned regularly often build up dirt and other grime that can actually be affecting the health of everyone in the household. Most people assume vacuuming during their weekly cleaning is enough. Although this may help remove some of the dirt, not everything comes out of the carpet. Carpet Care 2000 will share how your carpet may be affecting your health and why you may want to consider having your carpets cleaned.

Can Old, Dirty Carpet Make You Sick?

Dust and dirt can seep deep into your carpets. So can dead human skin, which is also found in carpets. The combination of dirt and skin creates a feeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites can be found almost anywhere within your home. However, when it comes to carpet they pose a slightly bigger problem. Skin and dirt can become trapped where even a vacuum can’t get everything out. With an abundance of food, the number of dust mites will increase. With a huge pollution of dust mites, their own shed skin as well as their feces causes several types of respiratory problems. Additionally, dust and skin trapped in your carpet isn’t the only thing either. Often pet dander and even pests such as mice and cockroaches can also leave behind feces and flakes from shed skin. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology published a study where asthmatic conditions in most children are triggered by indoor pollutants. One of the indoor pollutants is found in damp or dirty carpets which houses microbial growths that asthmatic children suffer from.

Carpet Health Risks; Germs & Organisms that Can Skin Conditions

Carpets that don’t get cleaned regularly have been discovered to hold millions of microorganisms. These organisms have been known to cause various types of skin related problems. One such example is athlete’s foot. For those who walk around barefoot on their carpet, which is a standard practice, their risk of picking up skin diseases increases. Especially those who may have sores, or cuts and scratches on the bottom of their feet. Many skin sensitivities irritations and fungus growth are often linked to filthy carpets.

How to Detect Mold Growth in Carpets

Carpets that are exposed to moisture are prone to developing mold, fungus and mildew under and inside the carpets. Even if water hasn’t been directly in contact with the carpet, moisture levels still can aid in mold growth. For example, carpets at the edge of bathroom doorways or from outside elements can provide enough moisture often enough to bloom mold within your carpets. Vacuuming carpets that have mold can actually create a bigger problem. Vacuuming the mold spores can make them airborne and now the spores are easily breathed in. These mold spores don’t just affect your breathing. They also can cause skin and internal problems leading to other health problems and poor immune systems.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, Sam Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

It is important to regularly vacuum your carpets, but more importantly, you should have your carpets deep cleaned annually to prevent any major health related problems within your household. For a clean look and the benefits of healthier living, contact Carpet Care 2000 today and schedule a deep cleaning of your carpets.

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