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Carpet Turned Yellow Under Rugs & Couches in San Ramon, CA? Phenolic Yellowing & Off Gassing Discoloration

When you decide to do some rearranging in your living space you need to be ready for some heavy lifting. Most living and family rooms have couches, chairs, tables, bookshelves and rugs. These will all need to be picked up and moved out of the way. The carpets will take on some damage from having all of this heavy furniture on the carpet. There will be high traffic areas around the furniture as well as spills and stains on the carpet. When you decide to move the room around and rearrange it these areas can start to stick out like a sore thumb. The room may not look great with the carpet not looking even. There are also dents in the carpet from the weight of the furniture that is sitting on it. These are all problems and using a professional carpet cleaning can help to resolve these issues. There is another issue that can be plaguing your carpets and it is called phenolic yellowing.

Carpet Care 2000 Explains What Phenolic Yellowing Is & How To Treat It

What is Phenolic Yellowing & Off Gassing: When you have something laying on top of the carpeting you are prone to having this happen. You have to be sure that when you lift up the rug that you are not seeing a common occurrence. It can be the actual original color of the carpet under the rug because it was covered and safe from dirt and debris. The yellowing is exactly that. The phenolic yellowing is an occurrence that happens when the Butylhydroxytoluene in the carpet will have a reaction. The BHT is in carpeting and is okay when it can be released in the air in the room. When there is a large piece of furniture or a rug the BHT has nowhere to go so it will bounce off. This is what is referred to as off gassing. If you have a type of carpet that doesn’t have BHT in it it can come from the rug instead.
How to Stop Phenolic Yellowing of Textiles: You don’t want to allow a reaction such as phenolic yellowing to occur on your carpets. The best thing that you can do is to understand the carpet that you have. Then you want to move your heavy furniture items in your room around often. Change up the look of the room and give the carpet space to breath. The carpet needs to also be cleaned professionally. This will not only remove stains and clean the dirt but will give the carpet some breathing room. Don’t forget to remove all the furniture and rugs when you are having your carpets cleaned. You want to expose as much of the carpet as you can.
Can You Repair Phenolic Yellowing: The problem is that the phenolic yellowing is a chemical reaction that is occurring on your carpet. The problem is that it is a permanent issue and cannot be cleaned away. You need to do all you can prevent the problem so you don’t have to install new carpet prematurely.

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