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How to Prevent Mold Damage in Carpet & Flooring in Dublin, CA After a Flood or Other Water Damage; Emergency Water Extraction, Drying, Cleaning & More

When you are in an area that has the potential to flood, you need to know what to do. Your reaction to a flood can be what saves your belongings or what send them to the garbage. If you are in an area that doesn’t flood but you experience water damage you still need to have a plan. Water damage can come from an overflowed toilet, broken water heater or plumbing damage. Whatever the damage is from water is not a substance you want to let sit. A plan on what to do and why it is critical to act fast is necessary. There are many things that can easily go wrong and worse outcomes if you wait it out.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Reasons You Want to Move Quickly After You Suffer From Water Damage

Water Contamination: When you are dealing with water damage of any kind the water has the potential to be contaminated. The contamination can be from many sources that include the sewer or just water from the environment. There are some levels of water damage that are clean enough to not be contaminated to the point of danger. If you have suffered a flood you need to act quickly on the clean up to try and control the possible contamination. This is done by getting to the damage as quickly as possible and removing as much of the damage as possible.
Water Will Cause Mold & Mildew to Grow on Carpet: You might think you have a few days to get the water cleaned up and you would be okay. The problem is that it only takes 24 hours for the growth of mold and mildew to occur. The best way to keep the growth of mold and mildew is to get all the water dried out in about a two day window. Mold and mildew not only have an odor that is unpleasant but it is also dangerous to live with. The spores from the mold will get in the air and that can easily cause breathing problems. The mold and mildew is not always visible and can be hidden under the carpet. You can’t assume you have time just because you can’t see it. The best way to do that is to use a professional company to extract the water right away. We can come out and use our truck mounted professional grade equipment for water extraction and structural fans to dry the carpet and remove any and all excess water.
Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage?: Just because you have suffered water damage on your carpet does not mean you have to throw it out. It can be saved and left in the home to continue to be lived on. The only way for that to occur is to have the water damaged dried immediately. The longer you wait the less of a chance you have to save the carpet. This can be a costly mistake and you would need to have new carpet installed.

Water Extraction, Structural Drying, Flood Damage Clean Up, Restoration & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

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