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Back to Basics Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips in Altamont, CA; Vacuum, Rugs & More

As homeowners and even business owners that feature carpets in our homes or buildings, we sometimes forget the importance of daily maintenance. Whether what was once habit has been lost because of busy life schedules, or you never were properly taught, there are some things everyone should to take better care of their carpets to make it look good every day of the year, preserve the overall condition, and extend the longevity. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and advice on the different ways you should be maintaining your carpets. By performing these tips on a routine bases, you can keep your carpets looking clean, vibrant and reduce the wear and tear your carpet endures.

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

1) If your life is too hectic to vacuum the carpet, at least in the high traffic areas, at the end of every night, vacuum heavy traffic areas a minimum of two to three times a week, and all other areas of your carpet need to be vacuumed once a week.
2) Implement the use of both indoor and outdoor walk-off mats to reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked in on the bottom of shoes.
3) Immediately treat spots and stains that occur with your favorite carpet stain remover cleaner or combine 1 cup of cool water with ¼ tsp of a bleach-free liquid detergent.
4) Always test your preferred cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpet’s color or integrity is not compromised with the chemicals in your cleaner.
5) Regularly re-apply the stain-resistant protector to your carpets following a professional cleaning and as often as necessary as they dissipate over time. These applications only help resistant staining and so stains and spots need to be immediately removed as soon as possible.
6) Keep in mind any area rugs, runners, or walk-off mats can bleed their colors onto your carpet; test the rugs for colorfastness before placing them on the carpet to ensure
7) Once a week, or more frequently if necessary, vacuum under the various rugs. Removing the loose dirt that is trapped between the rug and the carpet needs to be periodically removed before any damage occurs.
8) Clean your vacuum once a month to ensure efficiency when vacuuming.
9) Rearrange the furniture once or twice a year to create new foot traffic pathways to even out wear. Utilize blinds or curtains to block the direct sunlight to avoid fading.
10) Invest in professional cleaning 1-2 times a year and include upholstery cleaning at the same time to avoid cross contamination.

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Applying these steps to the regular care of your carpet can keep it looking in pristine condition. Colors will stay vibrant, spots won’t mar the aesthetics, and the carpets will stay in optimal condition for past the projected lifespan. When your carpets are ready for deep professional cleaning, contact the experts of Carpet Care 2000 and let our professional remove the deep rooted soil, any stubborn stains and attached odors quickly and efficiently.

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