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Benefits & Importance of Professional Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Walnut Creek, CA

When customers walk into your business, you want it to make a good first impression. Dirty carpets can have a negative impact on your business. A clean business will attract repeat customers and will make your carpet last longer. Restaurants and retail stores are popular commercial clients because of the heavy foot traffic that enters and exits. Many businesses will use the same excuses as to why they’ve neglected their carpets. But there are very good reasons to have it done regularly.

Reasons Businesses Neglect Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Businesses claim they are planning to replace carpet. Many businesses that are planning on replacing the carpet eventually will neglect the carpet that is there already. It is tempting to simply rip the old carpet out and install new carpet, but maybe the current carpet just needs a little TL. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to have your carpets cleaned might be all it needs to look like new again.
2. Companies will say carpet was cleaned just last year. Some carpets need to be cleaned more than once a year to keep it looking great. Most offices have high traffic areas that will wear down if they are neglected. This means it may need to be cleaned monthly. Businesses can’t use the excuse that the carpets were cleaned a year ago.
3. Businesses will say carpet cleaning is not in the budget. Many businesses stay on a tight budget to remain successful. Remember, first impressions are important so it’s important to make regular carpet cleaning a part of the budget. It may be tempting to use a company that offers a lower price, but this can mean poor quality products with improper tools. You’ll be unhappy with the results and end up spending money sooner to have them cleaned again. Invest in an experienced company for the best results. There’s always room in the budget and it’s worth every penny!
4. Companies will say carpet doesn’t look dirty. Just because it looks okay, doesn’t mean it is. Looks can be deceiving. Many times, the dirt in your carpets can’t be seen. Once you do notice dirt, your carpets are really dirty and have needed to be cleaned for some time. Waiting for it to look dirty is not a good idea.
5. Businesses will say they clean their own carpets. Vacuuming is simply not enough. It can’t remove trapped pollutants. Carpets should be hot water extracted without soapy products that can leave a residue behind. Residue just attracts more dirt. Your carpets will look good, but shortly after, they will look dirtier than they did before you had them cleaned.

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Clean carpets also do a lot to protect indoor air quality. Not only will you be taking care of your customers, but your employees too! Stop making excuses and call Carpet Care 2000 to have the carpets in your business cleaned today. We have all the experience needed to have your business looking fabulous. Give us a call!

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