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Don’ts of DIY Carpet Cleaning in Mountain House, CA; Too Much Soap, Dirtier After & More

One of the most important accessories of your home is the carpet. Carpets can amplify the overall style of the room, or even, bring it down. At some point, the carpet will eventually be victimized by spilled substances. There are so many variables that can cause carpet staining, including household chemicals and products, grass, food or beverages, pets, daily use, and other such blemishes that can potentially ruin the carpet’s presentation. When it comes to treating these stains, there are simply some elements that should be avoided to ensure the carpet is restored. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share the don’ts of cleaning spills on the carpets.

Using Too Much Soap & Other Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

1) Carpet Fiber Type. It is important to know what type of fibers your carpet is manufactured from. Different fibers can have poor reactions to certain chemicals. To avoid potentially damaging the carpet, try to find out what the carpet is made of if you do not already know before treating spots or stains.
2) Never Treat Carpet Stains with Hot Water. Hot water or implements, much like drying stained clothes in the dryer, will cause the stain to set in too often. There are a few exceptions to this rule, for instance, to remove wax you hold a hot iron a hot iron over paper to draw the wax out. Though in rare instances heat can be useful, generally cold or lukewarm water is all that is required to treat spills.
3) Spot Clean Test Carpet First. The patch test should never be skipped and too many forego it. Whether you have a favorite homemade remedy, or a commercial carpet cleaner, or if you have used it countless times or if it is your first time, the patch test should always be done. As mentioned some fibers are not cohesive with certain chemicals, commercial products can also be reformulated without your knowledge making the patch test mandatory to ensure the fibers’ color or integrity is not compromised.
4) Blot Carpet Stains. Scrubbing and rubbing techniques need to be avoided. Natural impulse for most people is to scrub out messes from the carpets. No matte if it is instinct, or emotion, this impulse needs to be avoided. By rubbing and scrubbing, all you do is spread the substance out and push it deeper in the fibers. Use moderate pressure to blot the mess throughout the process. Start on the outer perimeter and work your way towards the center to netter contain the mess.
5) Never Let a Carpet Spill Sit. It is crucial that messes, in most cases, get treated immediately. Allowing them to linger makes a stain, making it harder to remove.
6) Use Clean White Cloths. Avoid implements that are printed or dyed. Paper towels, rags, cloths, and towels that feature dyed coloring or printed messages or icons can potentially be transferred onto the carpet during the treatment. Instead, simply use plain white implements to avoid creating another problem on your carpets.

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Stubborn stains can be a challenge to remove for many homeowners throughout Southern California, when you run into these difficulties, hire the best in the business and call Carpet Care 2000 to have our professionals eliminate those tough stains.

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