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How to Clean Fabric Upholstery at Home in Dublin, CA; Vacuum, Stain Removal & More

When your family wants to cuddle up and watch a movie together your couch instantly becomes a hot commodity. Kids and parents alike will enjoy getting nice and relaxed on your couch to enjoy some down time and make some memories with your family. You probably pop some popcorn and have a soda too. While the memories that can be made from these priceless times you have on your couch are fantastic, the stains that can come from the treats and drinks can be frustrating. Carpet Care 2000 has some basic tips that you can use to get your couch looking nice and clean.

Vacuum Sofa Upholstery

The first thing you will want to do is get your vacuum out and start cleaning. Frequently the attachments that come with your vacuum do not get much use. When you clean your couch those little attachments are definitely going to come in handy! If you have a hand vacuum it may be an excellent choice for this project. You will want to see if the cushions on your couch come off or not. If the cushions come off you will want to remove them and vacuum all of the sides of each cushion. You will also want to vacuum the base of the couch before replacing the cushions. If your cushions are attached to your couch you will want to make sure that you vacuum all of the crevices as much as possible.

Clean Other Areas of Couch

After you have vacuumed your couch you will want to clean any other surface that may be on your couch. Some couches have wood or metal decorative pieces on them that will need to be cleaned. Wood pieces will need to be dusted. Metal pieces can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

How to Remove Water & Other Stains from a Couch

Getting stains off of your couch will be your next project. Removing stains from your couch can be hard work. You will want to make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning supplies for your couch. Fabric, leather, and synthetic upholstery all need to be cleaned differently. You can look on the couch cushions for what type of cleaning supplies the couch manufacturer recommends. There are also tons of different tips that you can find online that may help you out. A popular cleaner recipe for fabric upholstery is ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup of warm water, and 1 tablespoon dish soap. Mix those ingredients together and spray them on and get scrubbing! Synthetic upholstery may benefit from ½ cup vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, and ½ tablespoon of liquid soap to get those tough stains out. Combining ½ cup olive oil and ¼ cups vinegar can help clean a leather couch. Once you have removed the stains from your sofa you will want to let it dry from any cleaning supplies that you may have used on it before letting your family sit back on it.

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Sometimes it just does not seem to matter how hard you clean those stains just will not come out of your sofa. If that happens to you it’s time to call Carpet Care 2000 today! We can send one of our amazing technicians to your house to professionally clean your sofa. Our technicians will also sanitize and deodorize your couch. Making sure that you keep your couch clean can make your couch last for longer so that you can continue making memories with your family on it!

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