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Benefits of Mattress Cleaning in Livermore, CA; Improved Indoor Air Quality, Get Rid of Dust Mites & More

You can spend all day cleaning but still fail to achieve the best results. One area of your home that may get neglected is the mattress in your bedroom. Just because you have a mattress that is covered with sheets and you wear your pajamas doesn’t mean your mattress is safe from dirt. To ensure you’re sleeping in a clean environment, it’s important to have your mattress cleaned on a regular basis.

Advantages of Mattress Cleaning

Improved indoor air quality in your bedroom. Do you notice a strange smell every time you walk into your bedroom? It might be coming from your dirty mattress. We all sweat as we sleep, and your mattress absorbs a lot of it. Sweat contains urea that can be smelly. If this smell is left to fester it will become worse and might affect the while house. Cleaning your mattress will make your bedroom smell better and your whole house too.
Mattress cleaning removes bacteria and germs. Having children and pets means there’s a lot of bacteria in your home, and because children and pets love to jump on your bed so will bacteria. Bacteria needs a safe breeding place and if your mattress is dirty bacteria will thrive. Your dirty mattress is warm and with the sweat you produce nightly you give bacteria everything it needs. Regular mattress cleaning washes bacteria away.
Mattress cleaning gets rid of dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that infest out bed. That means they are also infesting your mattress. Dust mites are a big problem and might be affecting you without you even knowing. Again, your mattress is a warm and moist place for dust mites to breed. The skin cells you shed are their food, and their droppings can make you sick. Clean your mattress regularly to eliminate health issues.
Reduce allergens with mattress cleaning. Your mattress will collect plenty of dirt with time. If you haven’t had your mattress cleaned, this dirt will combine with other organisms to cause allergic reactions in many people. You may be dealing with itchy eyes, sneezing, body scratching, among others. Dust and dirty alone can cause severe sneezing.
Clean mattresses last longer. Just like a car, the lifespan of your mattress will depend on the level of maintenance it gets. Cleaning your mattress is the best way to make it last longer. The dust and urine that accumulates in your mattress will make it look ten times older if you don’t clean it regularly. Urine can cause damage to your mattress long before it should. Clean your mattress to keep it as long as possible.
Better nights sleep. The best thing about mattress cleaning is the peace of mind it brings. You don’t need to worry about a smelly house when you have guests over. You don’t need to worry about sleeping in a dirty mattress that can cause health issues. You can be confident that the air in your home is clean and conducive to anyone that enters.

Mattress Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Keeping your mattress clean has many benefits. Any one of the reasons you choose to do it will improve your quality of life. Carpet Care 2000 offers mattress cleaning. Call us to schedule service today!

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