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Carpet Repair VS Replacement in Tracy, CA; Type of Damage on Carpets, When Installation is Needed & More

If your carpet is not new and has seen its better days, you may be faced with the question of repairing it or replacing it. Both of these options can leave you with carpet that is much better looking, and each have their own set of benefits. Repairing carpet may not be for everybody, but it is an option that many people overlook when they are faced with this dilemma. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about these two options, and what may or may not make them the best option for you.

Types of Carpet Damage

There are some times that stains happen and cannot be removed. Think about the last time your carpet got burned somehow; whether a curling iron was dropped on it, or a clothes iron fell and was left to burn. These kinds of stains can’t be removed. However, if you have the option to repair it with a piece of the same carpet you have, all of a sudden you have carpet that looks new again. The biggest thing that you need to remember is that you need to have pieces of your carpet to make this a viable option. If you are ever getting new carpet in your home, you should ask the installers if you can keep the scraps when they are finished. This gives you the option of repair later down the road if you should need it.

When Carpet Repair May be the Best Choice

There are many spills and stains that can be repaired so that you don’t have to face the cost of replacement. Even the toughest stains that seem to be lingering even after a professional cleaning, can be cut out of the carpet and replaced by a patch so that you don’t see the stain anymore. This is a way to completely erase the problem at a lower cost. Also, if you have noticed that your carpet is starting to ripple or bubble in places, you may want to consider repair rather than replacement. The carpet can simply be stretched to erase the ripples that are there now and leave you with taut carpet that can still give you several years of use.

When Carpet Should Be Replaced

If you have sustained any carpet damage as a result of water, you may be looking at replacement rather than repair. It can be difficult to remove the staining and risk of mold that comes with any severe water damage. Even if you decide that you are going to keep the carpet rather than replace it, you must replace the carpet pad beneath it. Another thing that turns people to replacement rather than repair is purchasing a new home. Many people want to know that they are the only ones that have used the carpet found in a home and may turn to replacement if the budget allows it.

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