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Benefits of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Business in San Ramon CA; A Cleaner, Healthier & More Inviting Work Environment!

When the carpet in your office is clean and inviting it is a reflection on you as the owner. People will assume that you run an efficient business which means they will come back and refer you to others. Not only does your office look better but it’s also healthier. The appearance and cleanliness of your carpet is not only beneficial to customers but employees also.

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet gets dirty when foot traffic wears it down and brings in dirt. Some business owners may think that if they don’t have a lot of foot traffic there is no need for concern. This is not true. Vacuuming alone is not enough. The debris that doesn’t get picked up just sinks down in to the carpet further. Employees notice if the environment they work in is clean. If the place they work in is clean it may cause them to keep their own area cleaner improving the appearance of your business further.

Dirty Carpet Health Hazards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that vacuuming does nothing to remove the bacteria that is in the carpet. This means that when liquids come into contact with our carpets the growth of mold and bacteria can occur. Viruses such as the Norovirus thrives in carpet. This is the nasty one that causes the stomach flu. These health issues not only affect your employees but your customers as well. Odors and allergens are also things to take into consideration with your carpets. Sometimes air fresheners or candles are used to get rid of odors. This is only masking the problem and is a short term solution to eliminate the smells. Removing allergens in your carpets will also make your office healthier for your employees and customers by improving air quality.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

You may consider doing this task on your own. There are portable machines you can rent but often times they are used over and over making them less effective. Usually the chemicals used are harsh and can leave an unpleasant smell. These chemicals can also cause more stains to occur afterwards because they leave a residue. A professional carpet cleaner like Carpet Care 2000 utilizes a powerful truck mounted carpet cleaner that extracts almost all the the soil, dirt and allergens as well as the chemicals and water used during the cleaning process. A general rule of thumb for cleaning commercial carpets is every 6 to 18 months. If your business has heavy traffic then every 6 months is ideal. Those businesses with lighter traffic should be good with once a year to 18 months. Every case is different but staying on top of the buildup of mold, mildew, dirt, and other problems is key.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & The East Bay of California

The process is quite simple. There is a pre-inspection to address concerns, a pre-vacuum to pick up as much debris as possible, a pre-spray, soaking of the area, extraction with rinse and post-inspection. There is nothing like freshly cleaned carpet. Getting it done professionally with the right equipment and cleaning supplies means a much better result. Your carpets will also stay clean and fresh for longer making it more economical too. Call Carpet Care 2000 for all your carpet cleaning needs!

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