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Best Canister Vacuum & Ways to Care for Your Oriental & Persian Area Rugs in Dublin, CA; Limit Direct Sunlight, High Traffic Areas, Vacuum & More

A rug in your home is an investment that you make to bring some fun and style to your home decor and indoor comfort. This can be a small area rug in your entry way to a large rug that covers the entire room. Whatever the size of the rug, they are usually not cheap so you want to be sure that they are cared for properly to ensure that they last. Nothing is worse than replacing something prematurely when you could have prevented it. There are many people that are not sure of the best way to care for a Persian or Oriental rug and could be making mistakes.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Steps to Take to Care For Your Oriental Rug or Persian Area Rug

Sunlight Fades Area Rugs: Most people know that the sunlight will fade away just about anything that it rests on for too long. The problem in your home is that the windows have blinds that are usually open in the day time to allow natural light in. The light from the sun sits on your couches, furniture and even your rugs. The best thing that you can do is to shut the blinds in the room when you are not using the room. You can also have more lighting installed to keep the room bright when you have a get together or a gathering at your home.
High Traffic Areas: When you look around your home you will start to notice that some areas of your carpet seems to wear faster than others. That is normally due to higher traffic or the area that is traveled most often by the people that live in your home. These areas need to be cleaned and treated more often if you want them to look great like the rest of the carpet. The same goes for your rugs. They will start to wear in the areas that are walked on faster so you want to rotate them. When you rotate them you are evening out the amount of traffic on a particular section. The rug will last longer and stay looking better when you do this.
Vacuum The Rug & Straighten Fringe: The rug needs to be cared for just like you care for your carpet and your upholstery as well. You need to do some regular cleaning to keep the dirt and debris off the rug. The dirt and debris can be abrasive to the fibers of the rug. That can make the carpet look messier and dingier. Be sure that you vacuum the rugs often but take care to not fray the edges of the rug and cause damage. You also need to make sure that you straighten out the fringe on the rug once it is vacuumed and cleaned.
Have Rugs Cleaned Professionally: The best way to keep your rugs in great shape is to have them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. We are able to get the deep dirt and dust out of the rug that you are not able to get with your standard vacuum. We can also treat for any stains that you may have as well.

Oriental & Persian Area Rug Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

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