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What’s In Your Carpet in Livermore, CA? Deep Steam Cleaning Can Remove Mold Spores, Carpet Beetles, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Germs, Pollen & More!

Carpets, kids and pets. Carpeting and kids kind of go together. They provide a safe and comfortable surface for kids and grandkids to play on and protect them from knocks, scrapes and mishaps. Pets go with kids. You find a child, and a dog or cat is not far away. Beverage spills and pet urine are usually associated with the kid-pet environment. Most of us try to protect our children from disease, injury and discomfort. But that carpet harbors secrets! Carpet Care 2000 has outlined a quick guide as to what might be lurking in your carpet.

Mold Spores on Carpet; Growth, Exposure, Prevention & Treatment

Breath in, breath out. Mold spores are a common constituent of the air we breathe. Give these spores a place, meaning a surface to attach themselves, a cocktail of moisture, food and oxygen; they will grow and spread. Carpeting is an ideal breeding ground for mold spores. Mold destroys the carpet and padding and can be allergenic. Asthma sufferers are at risk from mold exposure and even non-allergic people can suffer from irritated nose, throat, skin and lungs. Mold is not always readily identifiable or observable on the surface of the carpet. Mold is secretive, living in the padding and lower fiber matrix of the carpet. Hiding, waiting, growing and expanding mold is like some sci-fi alien invading your home. Flooding, spills and condensation provide the moisture that is necessary for mold growth. Reduction of indoor humidity will aid in the prevention of mold growth, with a range of 30-60 percent humidity is acceptable. Prior planning helps. Do not install carpet in high humid environments, like bathrooms and basements. Choose high quality padding, solid rubber with antimicrobial properties are a high priority, particularly if you live in coastal or other high humidity locations. Never allow standing water, if a leak and flooding does occur, the carpet and underlying padding should be cleaned and dried. Use dry carpet cleaning methods so as to minimize introduction of additional moisture. Extensive mold that has grown into the carpet is impossible to remove through cleaning. If mold growth is extensive or occurring in more than one area the carpet will most likely need replacing. Detergent and hot water from a deep clean steam cleaner can sometimes remove mold from a carpet if the mold invasion is localized and relatively light.

What Causes Carpet Beetles? Are They Harmful & How Do Your Get Rid of Them?

If your carpet is made from natural fibers such as cotton, linens, rayon and wool, you have to consider carpet beetles. While these pests don’t bite or transmit disease; they will munch on your carpets, clothing and furniture. They devour fur, hair, animal detritus, woolen and plant materials. These little monsters are scary enough but their worm like larva is worse. And carpet beetles fly. The black carpet beetles are highly destructive and are a common pest. To wage war on these pests you can vacuum, spray a preventative agent, spread boric acid which is harmless to pets and humans and pack your clothing with moth balls. But be sure to vacuum up the boric acid within two hours to prevent bleaching of carpet and textiles!

Can You See Dust Mites & How to Get Rid of Them?

Our last little sojourn into the creepy is dust mites. Dust mites are miniature tick like critters that eat all of human detritus like flakes of shed human skin. In a way these things are beneficial in that they clean up a lot of the ‘garbage’ that collects in the house. The problem is that they are very, very small and ride along with the dust when airborne. Breathed in they are a common allergen encountered in any human habitation. They exacerbate asthma and other allergic reactions. Professional steam carpet and mattress cleaning goes a long way to getting rid of dust mites.

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Other harmful substances found in carpet include bacteria including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Shigella as well as food debris, pollen, human and pet hair, skin flakes and human feces. The dedicated professionals at Carpet Care 2000 provide both dry and deep steam cleaning for your home. Call us to see how we can serve you.

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