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Need for Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays in San Ramon, CA & Common Mistakes Made & How to Properly Treat Carpet Stains

Seeing stains on your carpet after the holidays will remind you of your parties, but not in a good way. Holiday get togethers can take a toll on carpet. It’s fun to have friends and family together but this usually comes with a few spills on our carpet from drinks and food. Items brought in from the garage or the attic brings dust, pine needles from your tree and casual meals in spots other than the table with children running around will leave your carpet stained. If you incorrectly treat stains, you can make them worse. If you know some tricks of the trade for stain removal, you don’t need to stress about these mishaps. The first thing you need to know about stains is that they need to be taken care of as soon as possible and done the right way. If not, you run the risk of permanent damage to your carpet and if the fibers get damaged, it will either affect the color or the texture of the carpet fibers.

Common Mistakes When Treating Carpet Stains

1. It’s important that you don’t use too much of the cleaning products. If you over-saturate the stain, you’ll make the spot larger.
2. Never rub a stain. This will damage the carpets texture.
3. Don’t pour water on soil that is dry. Always vacuum it first.

What You Should Do When Treating a Stain

1. Always remove as much of the stain as possible. If it’s a liquid, you should blot up as much of it as you can, if it is somewhat solid, then scoop it with a spoon and if it’s dry, make sure you vacuum as much of it as you can.
2. Use cool water and blot the stain till it’s dry.
3. Use a foam solution by mixing ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with a cup of tepid water. You should always check for color fastness in an inconspicuous area to make sure the solution won’t affect the color of the carpet. If you’re good to go then you can use a sponge or soft brush with the foam solution on the stained area. Start at the outside of the stain and work to the center of it as starting in the middle of the stain will only make it larger.
4. Lastly, use cool water to blot the moisture out and then blot dry.
If you use these techniques, you’ll be successful at removing stains.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Having people in and out if your home during the holiday season will mean more foot traffic. You will notice more soiled areas on your carpet, so vacuum more often to prevent too much soil from getting deep into your carpet and have it professionally cleaned in the new year. After the holiday get togethers have come to an end and you’re not so busy, call Carpet Care 2000 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs to freshen your carpet for the year ahead.

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