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Increasing Average Life of Carpet in Dublin, CA; How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas; Vacuum, Cover With Rugs, Remove Stains Quickly & More

One of the largest flooring options that people choose for their homes is carpet. Carpet is a wonderful option to have installed in your living room, bedrooms and hallways. It makes the room more comfortable and warmer feeling when you make this choice. The carpets will need to be cared for and cleaned to make sure they will last a sufficient amount of time. You don’t want to pay to replace the carpets prematurely since it can be a waste of money. It is better to use some money to extend the life of the carpets that you already have then to pay much more to replace them.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Different Types of Carpet: You need to know what kind of carpet that you are having installed or what you have in your home to know the best way to care for it. You can ask for ideas and tips on how to care for that particular style of carpet. It is also good to know what kind of life expectancy for that type should have so you know what you are ready for a new carpet installation.
Run Your Vacuum on a Regular Basis: The vacuum cleaner is a great tool that you can use in-between your professional carpet cleaning. The vacuum is what you need to use to remove the dirt and dust that is constantly being left on the carpet from traffic and the air around you. There can also be pests as well as allergens that can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is also a great way to remove pet hair and dander before it has a chance to get ground into the carpet fibers. You don’t want to allow dirt and dust to sit on the carpet too long because over time it will damage the carpet fibers and pack it down. The comfort that you want out of your carpet will be drastically reduced if you don’t vacuum often.
Cover High Traffic Areas: There are tons of options when it comes to throw rugs and area rugs. You can get many styles, colors and much more when you go looking for a rug. The rug should be used to cover an area that is prone to high traffic area. The high traffic areas are where people tend to walk often and will get dirty much faster. This is a great way to help save these areas from being damaged where it is not able to be repaired. When you use rugs to cover these areas you need to be sure that they are also cleaned and vacuumed when you clean the carpets as well.
Clean Carpet Spills & Stains Quickly: One of the biggest problems that people face when trying to extend the life of your carpet is leaving a spill to sit. When something is spilled on the carpet or rug you need to move as fast as possible to clean it. The carpet is several layers which consists of carpet fibers, backing and padding. The best bet is to get to the spill before it gets past the fibers. Have a good and tried stain removal process that works on your type of carpet.
Have Carpets Cleaned Professionally: The last and very most important step you need to take is to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by a professional company. A professional cleaning is a great way to remove the dirt, dust and stains that are deeper in the carpets or to hard to remove with a vacuum cleaner. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your carpet.

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