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Common Carpet Repairs in Tracy, CA; Stretching to Remove Wrinkles, Patching to Fix Holes, Berber Loop Replacement & More

The carpet in your home is a big investment. If you bought durable carpet that is made from high quality materials, there is no reason it shouldn’t last you several years. We all know that accidents happen though, and repairs need to be made. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some common carpet repairs that may be able to give you more time with your carpet before replacing it all together.

Carpet Stretching to Remove Wrinkles

Over time, you may notice that your carpets starts to have a rippling effect throughout it. Places where your carpet is bunching up. This is not only unsightly, but if the ripples are high enough, it can cause a tripping hazard. If you have had your carpet for several years, it starts to show wear this way. If your carpets weren’t installed properly, it can also be a reason as to why this has happened. Luckily, it can be fixed. With the help of professionals, you can get rid of those ripples in your carpet by stretching the carpet.

Carpet Loop Replacement

This repair really only pertains to those with looped carpet, such as berber. If one of the loops has come undone, it can cause an unraveling effect of your carpeting. If the problem isn’t so severe, the carpeting can be re-glued to fix it, or you may have to have an entire patch of the carpet replaced.

Patching to Fix Holes in Carpet

Sometimes, damage to your carpeting can require carpet patching. This is the case with problems like burns, holes, or stains that can’t be removed. Pets can cause damage to your carpeting that is irreversible at times as well. Sometimes, your pet will dig at your carpet if left unattended for long period of time, leaving a large hole in its place. When replacing a patch of carpet, it is very important that it is done professionally. If the carpet isn’t a perfect fit, you will notice the patch job and it will look bad. The piece of carpet has to be the exact size needed and once in its place, is secured properly. This will help the patch blend in with the rest of the carpeting.

Carpet Stair Replacement

When it comes to your stairs, the first one is usually more worn than the others. When you step on that bottom stair to go up, the dirt and debris on the bottom of your shoes is usually removed and left behind on that first step. This is why you may need to have the carpeting repaired on it more often than the others. When done correctly, you won’t even be able to tell that the carpet on the stair was repaired.

Carpet Repairs & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

When you make a large investment in your carpeting, you want it to last as long as possible. Carpet Care 2000 specializes in carpet repairs and can fix a number of issues with your carpet without replacing it completely. Call us today for any of your carpet repair needs.

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