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How to Clean Urine, Sweat & Other Bodily Fluid Stains from Mattresses in Livermore, CA; Mattress Preparation, Deodorizing, Cleaning, Stain Removal & Drying

Did you know the average person spends about a third of their life in bed and loses approximately a half a pint of sweat every time they sleep? Knowing that little random fact of life, suddenly getting your mattress clean periodically sounds more urgent. Changing the sheets every week or 2 is a good way to start, but the mattress absorbs more than just sweat and should be steam cleaned periodically.

Mattress Cleaning & Stain Removal

Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and advice on how you can clean your mattress as frequently as you like.
1) Mattress Cleaning Preparation. Start your endeavor by stripping all the sheets, blankets, comforters and pillow cases off your bed. According to manufacturer’s directions, wash your bedding with the use of the wash machine. After you get the washer going, be sure to grab the vacuum on your way back to the mattress. With your vacuum’s hose and use of the attachment tools, extract the dirt and debris. This step is going to remove dead skin cells, dust and other debris that has been accumulating on the fabric’s surface of your mattress. Don’t neglect the seams and divots and thoroughly vacuum every inch of your mattress, including the top, sides, and back.
2) Deodorize Mattress. With the accumulation of bodily fluids and debris collecting on your mattress, a unique and pungent odor might have developed. To neutralize the odors, moderately sprinkle baking soda over the mattress’s entire surface. For about 30 minutes, allow the baking soda to set in and then vacuum all the baking soda remnants. For a little more fragrance, add 5 drops or so of your favorite essential oil scent into the baking soda, pre-sift and apply as stated earlier. This will help your mattress smell phenomenal for up to 7 days! **Note: The baking soda treatment is designed to neutralize odors, and will not lift away any stains.
3) Mattress Stain Removal. To effectively remove stains, knowing what type of stain is extremely helpful. Stains have three categories; protein, grease and tannin. Protein stains are the most common stains found on mattresses. Protein stains consist of blood, vomit, urine, sweat and other bodily fluids for example. Stains are always better removed when they first happen. Avoid using hot water to clean any of these stains, as heat will typically set in most stains. Begin by blotting access fluid by gently patting and lifting the rag if the stain is fresh. Do not scrub or rub in, especially in a circular motion. Doing so will just push the stain deeper in to the fibers. Fresh stains are better removed by mixing a salt, baking soda, and water into a paste-like mixture. After the paste is prepared gently rub the paste, and let it set on the stain for 30 minutes. Brush the bulk of debris, and apply a cool, damp rag to blot up remaining remnants. For stubborn stains, or stains that have not been immediately treated, use 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part mild liquid dish soap. Carefully apply the solution onto the stain with a toothbrush, and with gentle to moderate pressure work the stain out. After you have agitated the stain, let the mixture set for about 5 minutes. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth, wipe up the residue. If you prefer to use a department store cleaner, be sure it has enzyme cleaners to work out the protein based stains. Do not saturate your mattress when cleaning stains or you can cause more damage than benefits.
4) Allow Mattress to Dry. You don’t want to put your sheets and bedding on a damp mattress! To enhance the drying process, flip on the fans and open windows to speed it up.
5) Flip Mattress. Once every three months, we recommend flipping your mattress over, and rotating it counter-clockwise. By doing this step you are distributing the wear and tear to prolong your mattress’s life span.

Mattress Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Professional mattress steam cleaning is recommended 1-2 times a year to further care for your mattress. If your mattress is in need of a professional cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000 and let our experts do the rest.

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